Is mammary gland hyperplasia serious? Dietotherapy method for mammary gland hyperplasia

Breast hyperplasia is one of the most common milk diseases in women. Is breast hyperplasia serious? Breast hyperplasia may turn into breast cancer, but it does not mean that breast hyperplasia is associated with breast cancer. Check out the symptoms of breast hyperplasia, women should be treated in time. Breast hyperplasia is a chronic disease, long-term medication is not recommended, as the saying goes “three drug”, a long time is your stomach.

So, if only minor symptoms, then the proposed treatment of breast hyperplasia, take the most safe and healthy diet therapy as well, there are a few recommendations, we can refer to:

Here are a few commonly used diet methods:

1. trotters 1, 25 grams of day lily, cooked without seasoning, food, 1 times a day. For those who have not become pus at the beginning of mastitis.

2. pigeon 1, 30 grams of Astragalus, 30 grams medlar. The pigeon, astragalus root, wolfberry fruit wrapped with gauze and stewed pigeon.

3. scorpion 2, sandwiched Steamed Buns or pastry, once a day, seven days for a course, should be for 2 courses, courses can rest for two days.

4. kelp 2-3 feet Xu, tofu 1 pieces, boiled soup diet. Seasoning by adding regular, you can add a little vinegar.

5. eel 2-3, black fungus 3 small flowers, red dates 10, ginger three, add seasoning, as usual, braised food.

6., black sesame 10-15 grams, walnut 5, honey 1-2 spoons to eat.

7. 10 grams of hawthorn, orange cake 7 pieces of boiling water, the hot tea, then add 1-2 spoons of honey, when the frequency of tea food.

8. asparagus 15 grams, Acacia 8 grams, five red dates, tea, food, plus a little honey.

In life, less angry, and maintain emotional stability, we should eat more vegetables and fruits, eat more roughage. Black soybean is best, eat more walnuts, black sesame, black fungus, mushrooms. Don’t eat too much honey, royal jelly. It contains a kind of biological sex hormones. May aggravate symptoms. It is best to go to the hospital once a year for a specialist examination. If necessary, color Doppler ultrasonography, infrared mammography or mammography are necessary

Women’s health network (Editor)


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