What is cervicitis, what are the symptoms and manifestations of cervicitis?

Cervical inflammation is a common disease among women of childbearing age. There are two kinds of acute and chronic diseases. Acute cervicitis is often associated with acute endometritis or acute vaginitis, but it is common in chronic cervicitis. Mainly manifested as increased leucorrhea, thick mucus or purulent mucus, sometimes accompanied by blood or blood. Chronic chronic mechanical stimulation is the main cause of cervicitis.

Acute cervicitis is also a kind of cervicitis, it is less chronic cervicitis, mostly in puerperal infection or infectious abortion. Trichomonas vaginalis, mold and gonorrhea infection are often accompanied by acute cervicitis. So, what are the common symptoms of acute cervicitis? We go to the Hangzhou red house gynecology hospital expert, in detail here for the patient.

What does the symptom expression of palace neck phlogistic have?

Red house gynecology experts pointed out that cervicitis is divided into two kinds of acute and chronic.

The common symptom of acute cervicitis

Leucorrhea increase is the most common and sometimes only symptom of acute cervicitis, often purulent. Because of cervicitis coexisting with urethritis, cystitis or acute vaginitis, acute endometritis, often cause cervicitis other symptoms were masked, such as different degrees of lower abdomen, lumbosacral pain and bladder irritation etc.. Acute gonococcal cervicitis can have varying degrees of fever and leukocytosis.

Chronic cervicitis symptoms

Chronic cervicitis is a gynecological disease most common parous women is more common. Red house gynecology experts said that the main clinical manifestations of increased leucorrhea, milky white or yellowish, or thick, purulent, and sometimes bloody or mixed with blood.

First, cervical erosion: the surface of the cervix is red lesions, is a phosphorus like epithelial shedding, columnar epithelium replaced, epithelial vascular exposure of the results, cervical erosion showed three types:

1. simple type: in the early stage of inflammation, the erosion surface is covered by single layer columnar epithelium, and the surface is flat.

2. particle pattern: erosion surface is uneven, granular.

3. sinus type: the surface is uneven and prominent, forming a sinus like process.

Two, cervical hypertrophy: chronic inflammation, long-term stimulation can make cervical edema and congestion, glands and stromal hyperplasia, cervical hypertrophy in varying degrees, 2-4 times larger than normal.

In three, cervical gland cyst: the cysts were grain size, slightly protruding from the surface of the cervix, smooth and shiny, with yellowish white mucus, also can grow up to 1 cm in diameter.

Four, cervical polyps: as a result of chronic inflammation of the stimulation, the local cervical tube hyperplasia, protruding, forming polyps.

The harm of acute and chronic cervicitis

The main symptom of chronic cervicitis is increased leucorrhea. When the inflammation spreads along the palace ligament to the pelvic cavity, may have the lumbosacral pain, the pelvic floor falls the pain and so on. The main clinical manifestations were: cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps, cervical cyst and endocervicitis etc.. Simply suffering from cervicitis does not pose a major threat to life, but can cause inflammation of the combined infection and cause female infertility. But the Hangzhou red house gynecology hospital gynecology expert reminds in this, according to the cancer prevention census data display, the cervix of the uterus does not have the rotten person to have 0.39% to suffer from the cervical cancer, but suffers from the womb debaucjed to have 2.05% to suffer from the cervical cancer. Thus shows that cervicitis and cervical cancer are closely related, need a correct understanding, but there are often such errors in life:

1, married women will have cervicitis, it does not affect work, and does not affect life, insignificant, treatment and no treatment are the same.

2, cervicitis is precancerous lesions, talk about cancer discoloration, produce “fear of cancer.””. Because chronic cervicitis and cervical cancer have some common symptoms, such as vaginal bleeding after the occurrence of vaginal bleeding or leucorrhea with bloodshot. The expert points out, appear this kind of circumstance, must go to regular and professional hospital examination, after removing cancer, cure cervicitis again.

Experts say: ordinary coping with common gynecological diseases

Although cervicitis is a common gynecological disease, but many women friends do not understand this disease, there are some misunderstandings. Some people think that married women will have cervicitis, treatment and treatment are the same; some people think that cervicitis is precancerous lesions, these are not correct.

The treatment of cervicitis: correct understanding, active diagnosis and treatment

In general, only suffering from cervicitis not pose much of a threat to health, but from the perspective of anti-cancer and emotional control, active treatment of chronic cervicitis, and take preventive measures, is of great significance for the protection of women’s health and the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer.


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