Ten charts for both safe and comfortable contraception

In recent years, contraception has attracted a lot of attention, because no more people are born as much as before. In addition, people’s living standards have improved and their minds have changed. In order to improve the quality of life, now couples generally only one child, then how to choose a good method of contraception? Let’s take a look at the safety and comfort list of the ten methods of contraception.

1 态 male external condom;

2, female external use contraceptive suppository, contraceptive film, contraceptive, contraceptive cream;

3, female oral medicine: long-acting contraceptives, short acting contraceptives, family visits contraceptives, emergency contraceptives (because this side effect is large, it is recommended not more than three times a year);

4, female external condom;

5 态 long-acting contraceptive needle;

Qiangzha contraceptive method 6, fallopian tube;

8, intrauterine device (that is, Sheung Wan);

9. Subcutaneous implant contraception;

10, female security period contraception, male ejaculation method in vitro;


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