What time does the baby go to bed at night? Is it dangerous for the child to sleep late?

Modern urban life is always colorful, more and more people are sleeping late, some people are still in the middle of the night, still in bars and other recreational places to linger on, while others are in the early morning, still holding a mobile phone to play comfortably.

An adult who stays up late often causes sleep deprivation, and so does the child. If the child does not guarantee adequate sleep time, it may affect physical and mental health development. So what time does it go to bed at night?

What time does the baby go to bed at night? Is it dangerous for the child to sleep late?1

What time does the baby go to bed at night?

What time does it take for children to go to bed at night?

Children under the age of 4 tend to doze off at around 8 in the evening and don’t worry too much about their sleep problems. Children over the age of 4 usually go to bed at about 9, not later than 9:30, and get up after 7 in the morning. During summer or occasional holidays, nighttime sleeping time may be extended from 10 p. m. to 10:30 P. m.”.

Two, the child sleep late harm

1. reduce immunity

Sleep is to enhance the body’s immunity process, often lack of sleep will reduce the body’s immunity, which will lead to a variety of diseases, such as neurasthenia, myopia, loss of appetite and so on, but also easy to catch cold.

2. affect height growth

In addition to genetics, nutrition, exercise and other factors, the secretion of growth hormone and the child’s sleep time, quality and quantity have a certain relationship. But this is often overlooked by parents. Growth hormone in the guarantee of adequate sleep when the secretion of the most, sleep enough to help grow taller.

3., lead to psychological problems

The children lack of sleep Months and years pass by. prone to depression, irritability, anxiety, depression or loneliness, will seriously affect the normal psychological development.

4. affect creative thinking

This point has been mentioned earlier. Lack of sleep can cause children to become less focused, less memory and less mentally retarded.

Three, the child has the habit of going to bed late, what should I do?

1. ways to urge the children to go to bed early, first of all his life well

Adults are unable to push their children to bed early, for several reasons. There may be a full-time mother to take care of the children, a person at once, without a day’s rhythm of life may also be properly arranged; parents are working too late, waiting for parents to accompany children to sleep, wait until the results in the dead of night.

There may be parents have returned home from work at six or seven in the evening, cooked dinner, after dinner, time has passed the morning, go to bed until it is natural after ten things; there is work late parents cherish family time together, also delayed the child’s bedtime.

Good sleep strengthens brain function and develops an easy to relax trait that keeps children at their best. Parents have to develop good habits and go to bed early.

What time does the baby go to bed at night? Is it dangerous for the child to sleep late?2

What time does the baby go to bed at night?

2., not tired to sleep, but time to sleep

The liver has already started assimilation at three p. m. so it shouldn’t be too late for children to eat too much after three p.m. and dinner is easy, so that children can go to bed early.

Some parents think that as long as the children play tired, they will go to sleep, so do not urge children to develop a habit of regular sleep. The children play out, finally will of course be vacant and fell asleep, but it will usually go through a period of over excited or nervous, become vexatious.

Children’s good sleeping habits will not develop automatically and need adults to help them develop. When it’s time for bed, the child doesn’t want to sleep, and the adults need to use a little more thought to prepare a fixed bedtime ritual for them to become accustomed to.

For example, tell bedtime stories, to appease their emotions, so they do not need to make out to fall asleep, but to meet sleep, wake up the morning of the second day meeting. This is the child’s ideal model of work and rest.


How dangerous is an elderly woman?

Women are generally over thirty-five years of age, pregnant can be called “elderly mothers”, through a number of survey results show that elderly women in the process of birth risk is relatively large. Before 60s, it was rare for women to become pregnant after the age of 30. Because it is generally believed that in medicine, late pregnancy is not a very wise choice for mothers and fetuses.

Due to the elderly, the cervix is generally more tough, open the mouth slow, natural production difficulties, so caesarean section in older women more prevalent. With the development of medical technology, caesarean section has been greatly improved. Not only has the anaesthetic method been developed from a single general anesthesia to the present joint anesthesia, it reduces the pain and shortens the operation time from the previous 1-2 hours to the present few minutes. Therefore, an elderly woman who is undergoing caesarean section does not need much apprehension.

Nursing of “private place” before and after sexual intercourse

How should we do the work of health care before and after sexual life? Genitalia, whether male or female, have wrinkles outside the mucous membranes and are prone to bacteria. Between male wrapping and glans, often hide white wrapping dirty, have a lot of bacteria, if do not clean in time, also can cause glans and wrapping phlogistic. The female urethra, vagina and anus are adjacent to each other, and the bacteria are easy to contaminate each other. Every time, the semen of the man and the mucus secreted by the woman’s vagina will stick to the external genital organs, and the dirt on the vaginal orifice or penis will also be taken into the vagina and cause inflammation. Therefore, carefully cleaning the genitalia of both sexes before and after sexual intercourse is one of the important measures to prevent genital tract inflammation and block all kinds of infectious diseases. Men should pay attention to wash the penis, scrotum, and pull the foreskin to the penis, in order to fully expose the glans and wash clean. Women should pay attention to the size of the vulva, labia minora, vaginal vestibule, the vagina does not need cleaning.

Micturition before and after sexual intercourse should also urinate once. Urination before intercourse can prevent the pressure of the inflated bladder from causing discomfort and affect the quality of sexual life. After sexual intercourse should also urinate once, let urine irrigation urethral orifice, can be a small amount of bacteria washed away, prevent urinary tract infection. Especially the woman. Because urethral is relatively short, once infected, easy upward cause pyelonephritis.

Sexual intercourse before and after bath is exquisite

Both husband and wife each time before and after sexual intercourse should do their own cleaning, washing, sexual intercourse before a warm bath, will increase each other’s body pleasant sensation, perfect for sexual life is very useful. But not hot shower for a long time, this is because the skin after bathing vessels will be fully expanded, a lot of blood flow to the skin expansion of blood vessels, if immediately after sexual life, sexual organs have congestion, have to mobilize supplement throughout the body expansion of blood vessels. As a result, it is easy to lead to an imbalance of blood circulation in the body, reduce the amount of blood supply to other organs, cause dizziness, fatigue, palpitations and other physical discomfort, serious blood sugar may be low.

Myocardial ischemia and angina may also occur in patients with cardiovascular disease. In addition, after sexual intercourse should not immediately hot water bath. Because the bath will make the blood influx to the skin and muscle tissue and other important organs to reduce blood, heart and brain blood supply once reduced, their normal physiological function will be affected, some diseases will be induced. Summer morning after sweating will affect sleep, take a shower with warm water.

Knowledge of infant health care in spring (kindergarten health care knowledge in spring)

Spring baby care knowledge (kindergarten, spring health care knowledge) do you understand? Spring is a warm season by cold and sometimes hot and sometimes cold, large temperature changes, easily eroded children body and pathogenic bacteria. Take plenty of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C: has the function of anti-virus and strengthening resistance. Such as vegetables, Chinese cabbage, snow red, green peppers, tomatoes and so on. Vitamin A: it has the function of protecting and enhancing the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane and respiratory organ epithelial cell, and can resist all kinds of pathogenic bacteria erosion. Such as carrots, amaranth and some yellow green vegetables. The vitamins can improve the body’s immune function, enhanced disease resistance. Such as cabbage, cauliflower, sesame etc.. The edible fungus: containing iron and calcium rich, can promote the growth and development, improve the body resistance. Such as black fungus, white fungus, mushrooms, letinous edodes and so on.

Beware of the wind in spring

Spring is the season of wind, and it is the most significant season for the wind. The reason is that mainland China’s spring cold air mass, things flow changes frequently, sometimes cold winter weather features, and summer heat; and dry, and wet; pressure is high or low is not stable. Either way, the wind can have a greater impact on the human body. Children to climate changes have some ability to adapt, but poor adaptability of the spring wind climate changing, and the changes of the wind suddenly changes caused by changes in temperature, dry and wet weather, and the height of pressure, due to a child (especially frail infants), physiological adjustment is slow, more likely to cause disease. Therefore, spring is the peak season for children with all kinds of epidemic diseases. Parents should change clothes according to the weather changes so as to prevent wind cold and other diseases. At the same time to strengthen the children’s physical exercise, every morning to the park in the morning before 8:30, to participate in sports activities, enhance children’s body of the resistance to pathogens, enhance physical fitness. Spring prevents children from returning.

upper respiratory tract infection

Upper respiratory infection is the most common respiratory disease, and people can return to colds several times a year. This is because: the cold pathogen has ten kinds, more than 200 types, and each other has no cross immunity, when suffering from a cold, can also suffer from second kinds of cold; the general symptoms of a cold light, short duration, disease immunity is weak, so prone to infection; in the sense of a pathogen wide spread in the air, people often have healthy carriers, once the children tired, cold or flu, most likely to occur in weak”.

Spring is the season of high incidence of respiratory tract infection in children, parents should pay attention to the child especially warm feet to keep warm, because the feet are the extremities, blood circulation is poor, if the cold of the feet back, shot by the nose, pharynx, trachea and other upper respiratory tract mucosal changes, the ability to resist pathogens decreased lurking in pathogenic bacteria the body will be a lot of growth and reproduction, the incidence in children.

A magical, salt

Parents can brush their teeth with salt. Parents can also gargle their children with salt water to keep them clean. Can also be in the morning so that children drink a little salt water, gastrointestinal cleaning and Qingrejiedu effect.

Two, ginger water use

Ginger water can be soaked feet, you can also use towels, ginger water, while hot, for children to wipe the chest and back. Doing so can increase heart and lung function and improve body resistance.

“The monkey spring rain, said at any time change.” In this warm and cool air dry spring weather is constantly changing, directly affect the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract defense function. As the saying goes, “grass back to bud, basic attack”, spring is also popular in meningitis, influenza, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, measles and scarlet fever in children of various disease epidemic season, therefore, it is important in disease prevention and health care.

“The monkey spring rain, said at any time change.” In this warm and cool air dry spring weather is constantly changing, directly affect the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract defense function. As the saying goes, “grass back to bud, basic attack”, spring is also popular in meningitis, influenza, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, measles and scarlet fever in children of various disease epidemic season, therefore, it is important in disease prevention and health care.

Postpartum how to quickly restore 5 coup to help postpartum uterine recovery

In order to accommodate small uterine distinguished guests, the role of the hormone, will become gentle and soft, with enough blood to form a hollow ball. “Rich” after childbirth, the uterus into a room, not so easy to be restored to the original state, need to take care of my mother.

2 months, “recovery” period

For women, the uterus is very strong, it can produce new life with super endurance; the uterus is also very fragile, it needs 4~6 weeks to gradually recover, 6~8 weeks to complete healing.

The recovery of the uterus consists of three aspects: the restoration of the uterus, the restoration of the cervix and the restoration of the endometrium. Some of which may not be restored at once, and are detrimental to the health of the mother.

Continuous contraction of uterus

Hand on the abdomen, can touch the ball very hard, this is the body of the uterus, the fetus after delivery of the placenta at its highest level in the same high and navel. Uterine body recovery depends mainly on the contraction of uterine contraction will need continuous extrusion production when the fetus and placenta after childbirth; uterus will shrink further, will continue to squeeze out a blood clot, uterine volume will gradually shrink, spherical touch is gradually reduced to the first and fall into the small pelvis cavity.

Cervical “closed door” self-cultivation

Just at the end of the birth, the cervix becomes very soft, and the wall of the cervix is thin and folds like crepe paper due to congestion and edema. 7~10 days later, the cervix will close and begin “internal” repair. Until about 4 weeks postpartum, the cervix will gradually return to normal.

Intimal regeneration

After delivery, the placenta and fetal membranes are completely separated from the wall of the uterus. At this time, a new layer of endometrium is regenerated from the underlying layer of the endometrium. Around 10 days postpartum, in addition to the placenta attachment surface, the other part of the uterus cavity will be covered by the new endometrium.

Tips: postpartum light exercise

After childbirth, in addition to the uterus to be restored, the pelvic tissue should also be restored, otherwise, the lower body will have a sense of fall, easy to lumbar acid, but also prone to urinary incontinence problems. The pelvic tissue recovery, must avoid the lower part of the body, especially the lower abdomen with a knife, like heavy lifting and squatting movements, in half a year after production should try to avoid, but some postpartum exercise, such as abdominal breathing, as well as in the first week lying on the hard bed leg, hip, knee or chest horizontal movement, can make the uterus and abdominal contraction and recovery.

Recovery of the uterus is also “lazy””

It takes a considerable period of time for the uterus to recover completely, which requires mother to take good care of it. Once taken care of, it is possible that the contractions are bad, or very large, very soft, slow to return to the original appearance, persistent bleeding of the brown, and so on.

If the uterus is not well restored, there is a clot or residual placenta in the uterus, and the uterus will be filled with blood clots. This can cause “constriction” of uterine smooth muscle to stop contraction, resulting in poor uterine contraction, and may cause the risk of massive bleeding.

This is the most prominent manifestation of incomplete postpartum uterus, which is most likely to occur in the puerperium, and mothers should pay special attention to it.

Suddenly a “small pot” some mothers after the birth of the baby, can not eliminate the belly, this is often due to a baby’s big, pregnant belly skin will hold to relaxation, so that can not be reduced. In fact, most mothers still contract normal contractions.

However, if in the process of self-examination, 2 weeks after the birth of the small abdomen can still get a group of things, it is likely to be poor uterine contractions or fibroids caused by, of course, depends on the bleeding.

The interference of care “sudi”

In fact, the uterus is wronged. It is not intended to “lazy”, it is not serious, encounter some difficult “rivals”, some “unable to resist sustain the blows”.

1, placenta or fetal membranes remain in the uterus cavity. If the placenta or fetal membranes are incomplete, there will be persistent bleeding and sometimes massive bleeding.

2, uterine decidua abscission incomplete. Decidua usually falls about one week after delivery, and if it falls incomplete, it may lead to late postpartum hemorrhage.

3, combined endometritis or pelvic inflammation. If improper care after delivery, causing the uterus or pelvic infection, will also be long-term bleeding.

4, excessive uterine retroversion, lochia not easy to discharge.

5 、 combined with intramural myoma of uterus. Uterine fibroids affect the contraction of the uterus, the amount of postpartum song will increase.

6, if the postpartum micturition is unfavorable, the bladder is too full, also can cause the uterus can not descend to the pelvic cavity.

7, if the mother is older, the health condition is not ideal, the childbirth time many or the multi tire pregnancy, also often will affect the postpartum womb restoration.

Fast recovery n – Worldwide

Most mothers recover from their babies. However, if you want to recover quickly and well, you still need moms to do some homework”!

Coup 1: timely urination

Postpartum, the doctor will often ask mother to urinate as soon as possible, usually 4 hours after the birth of urine. Because during childbirth, bladder pressure, mucous membrane congestion, muscle tension reduction, perineal wound pain. Not accustomed to bed, posture, urination and other reasons, are prone to urinary retention, so that the bladder swell, impede uterine contraction and cause postpartum hemorrhage or cystitis.

Coup two: “don’t stay in the puerperium”

Pay attention to the bedridden elderly after childbirth, afraid of cold. However, after 6~8 hours, the mother in the elimination of fatigue after it is best not to “stay in bed”, second days to get out of bed, which is beneficial to the physiological function and physical recovery, help the uterus restoration and lochia discharge.

Coup three: Breastfeeding stimulation

Stimulating the nipple can also help the uterus contract. Therefore, it may be in the postpartum baby to eat breast milk as soon as possible, as long as the baby a suck, the uterus will shrink, baby frequent sucking, frequent generation of this reflex stimulation, will make the uterus recovery faster. Mothers who do not breastfeed can also massage breasts or compress breasts to stimulate the nipple.

Coup four: don’t be dirty mother

It’s good for mother to take a bath after childbirth. If it is normal delivery, bath can make the vulva wound and surrounding bacteria not easy to stay, but also promote the vulva wound blood circulation, is conducive to wound healing. If it is cesarean section, and take the skin transverse incision, subcutaneous suture method, then bath water will never enter the wound. Just apply a piece of gauze on the surface of the wound so that the water can not touch the wound directly. Of course, after all, the wound is very delicate, so after bathing, the wound should be renewed dressing, do not use wet towels on the wound back to wipe.

Coup five: Massage

In the early postpartum period, regular massage of the floor of the uterus to stimulate and contract the muscles of the uterus is also a way of stimulating recovery.

How does darling constipation do, darling constipation, how should recuperate?

Since the birth of the baby, the mother can be broken heart, whether eating or drinking, or care must be carefully watched. Because the baby’s gastrointestinal function is not developed enough, so constipation is a common occurrence, this time the mother can be anxious!

When the baby has the constipation, mothers can try first therapeutic methods, to feed their children and some complementary laxative food, you can take massage, use Enema Glycerini and other methods if not enough……

How does darling constipation do, darling constipation, how should recuperate?1

Baby constipation, how to recuperate?

First, the baby constipation way

(I) diet therapy;

1. add complementary food

Babies are weaned period of constipation, can increase the food supplement, in addition to the high nutritional value of eggs, lean meat, liver and fish, but also increase the cellulose more fruits and vegetables and porridge, such as spinach, rape, cabbage, celery, bananas, pears and so on.

Larger children constipation, can increase some cereals, such as standard powder, potato, corn, barley, etc., grease, food, cold water also help constipation prevention and treatment. For 4 – 5 months or more babies, may be appropriate to increase food supplement, spinach, cabbage, the best vegetables, shepherd’s purse, chopped, add rice porridge with boiled, made into a variety of delicious food to eat porridge baby.

2. feeding some Runchang food

When feeding the baby constipation, can add sausage food, such as orange juice, red dates juice, cabbage juice.

(two) other relief methods

1. Enema Glycerini

Let the baby lying on the side, Enema Glycerini will cut the tip of sealing, pipe must be smooth, so as not to hurt your baby skin. Enema Glycerini baby nozzle inserted into the anus, gently squeeze the liquid medicine into the anus in the plastic bag, and then pull out the Enema Glycerini shell, baby in the anus clip a clean towel to avoid spillage dirty clothes or linens. Try to let the liquid more stay in the baby body, in order to stimulate the intestinal tract, and soften the stool, to achieve the best laxative effect.

2. massage

Palm down, flat in the baby’s navel, gently push clockwise direction. This can speed up bowel movements, promote bowel movement, and help digestion.

How does darling constipation do, darling constipation, how should recuperate?2

Baby constipation, how to recuperate?

3. Glycerol Suppositories

Glycerol Suppositories’s wrapping paper opens, slowly stuffed into the baby’s anus, and then gently press the anus, as much as possible to stay a little longer, so that Glycerol Suppositories fully thawed, and then encourage baby defecation.

Be careful! If the above methods are not effective, should take the baby to the hospital in time, check whether it is due to other diseases and constipation.

Two, prevention of constipation baby

1., a little baby can let the baby drink plenty of water, drink some fruit juice, vegetable juice, etc., larger can eat more vegetables, fruits and coarse grains, can play the role of Runchang catharsis.

2. add some vegetables to the weaned baby’s lunch and supper. White radish, leek and celery, which contain more cellulose, are good for relieving constipation. In addition, in the staple food can be appropriate for the baby to eat some coarse grains, such as corn, oats.

3., the law of life regular defecation: to cultivate good habits of children, regular work and rest time, develop the habit of regular defecation, but also an important way to prevent constipation.

4., appropriate to increase the baby’s activities, large amount of exercise, physical energy consumption, gastrointestinal motility increased, prone to hunger, eating the situation must be good, natural excretion is also a lot of exuberant.

Four small remedies to help expectant mothers stay away from insomnia

It is generally believed that the change in mood during pregnancy is due to hormonal changes. In addition, changes in the eating habits of expectant mothers can also affect the quality of sleep during pregnancy. Therefore, a balanced diet is very important. Some expectant mothers have great changes in their tastes during pregnancy, but they must avoid food that causes stress, such as coffee, tea, fried foods, etc..

How to stay away from insomnia?

1, do not eat flatulence food

Some foods produce more gas during digestion, resulting in abdominal distention that interferes with normal sleep. Such as beans, cabbage, onions, broccoli, cabbage, green peppers, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, corn, bananas, bread, citrus fruit and add Xylitol (sweetener) drinks and desserts.

2, do not eat spicy food before going to bed

Spicy foods such as chillies, garlic and raw onions can cause heartburn and indigestion in some people and interfere with sleep. In addition, high salt foods can cause people to ingest too much sodium ions, which can cause vasoconstriction and blood pressure rising, resulting in intense emotional tension and insomnia. If you already have a history of hypertension, eating high salt foods is likely to lead to hypertensive headaches and strokes.

3, do not eat too greasy food before going to bed

Dinner rich greasy, or eat a pile of high-fat food, will increase the intestinal, stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreatic workload, stimulate the nerve center, so that it has been working, but also lead to insomnia. The smartest thing to do is to schedule the most delicious meals at breakfast or lunch, and eat less and light meals at dinner, such as some celery lilies for dinner. This kind of dinner will serve as a sleeping pill.

4, skillfully eat fiber thick vegetables

Like leeks, garlic bolt, mustard etc. these fibers too coarse vegetables are not easy to digest, even to eat fried, should also be a little bad, and don’t put too much salt. Try to eat boiled, steamed, fried foods, eat less fried, barbecue. In addition, the food should be soft, not hard, especially in rice should be as soft as possible.

I’ll tell the mother a small recipe from insomnia, fresh pear peel, orange peel, banana peel 50-100 grams into the unsealed pouch, on a pillow, peel perfume can help mother to sleep.

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