Two causes of cervical hypertrophy

What is palace neck hypertrophy, in fact palace neck hypertrophy is a kind of chronic palace neck phlogistic. Inflammatory changes caused by infection of the cervical mucosa. Cause cervical hypertrophy pathogens have mycoplasma, chlamydia, bacteria, viruses, suggest you go to the hospital department of gynaecology do cervical secretion examination, according to the results of the examination, symptomatic treatment. If necessary, do cervical TCT examination, can rule out the early cervical cancer. Simple cervical hypertrophy will not affect pregnancy, but severe cervicitis can cause endometritis, tubal inflammation, fallopian tube adhesion, obstruction, leading to infertility.

Hypertrophy of cervix of the uterus sometimes can increase 2~4 times than normal palace neck, palace neck surface can be smooth, also can have debaucjed. Cervical texture is generally hard, which is caused by fibrous connective tissue hyperplasia. Palace neck hypertrophy does not need treatment commonly, if have debaucjed, can treat palace neck debaucjed.

Causes of cervical hypertrophy mainly include: (1) chronic inflammation, long-term stimulation, cervical congestion and edema, hyperplasia of cervical glands and stroma, resulting in different degrees of hypertrophy of the cervix. (2) in the deep part of the cervical gland, there may be mucous retention, forming a cyst of varying sizes, which makes the cervix hypertrophy.

A month to menstruation is how this phenomenon should be how to treat?

A month to menstruation is going on? How should this phenomenon be treated? Both the two periods a month or three periods, belong to irregular menstruation symptoms. Normal menstruation is once a month, and every month for a week or so, if it is more than a week or a week ahead of schedule, are irregular menstruation oh.

So like this one month or three times menstruation what is going on? Gynecological experts, below will give you female friends detailed answer:

If the menstrual cycle is short, less than 20 days called polymenorrhea, common in ovarian insufficiency, luteal atrophy and anovulatory uterine bleeding, if adolescent ovarian function is not yet mature, or the symptoms of menopause women tend to decline, but also some postpartum, postoperative, or trauma of the people also the symptoms occur, I suggest you go to regular hospital for examination, a clear diagnosis after symptomatic treatment

Clinical considerations may shorten the menstrual cycle, the most common reasons: corpus luteum insufficiency: because of the relatively fixed in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle is short, short, the disease occurred in the reproductive age; puberty dysfunctional uterine hemorrhagicdisease: because of the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian function is not fully mature it; climacteric dysfunctional uterine hemorrhage: due to ovarian dysfunction; ovarian reserve dysfunction: women of childbearing age occurred after the age of 35; part of ovulation bleeding may also be more women for frequent menstruation; severe uterine fibroids in the menstrual volume at the same time, there are frequent menstruation or menstrual cycle is shorter the symptoms. Suggest you next time menstruation 3-5 days blood examination, endocrine function, understand a lower body hormone level and ovarian function.

Studies have found that women who drink hot milk and honey can relieve menstrual discomfort

Menstruation is a very unusual period for women, and many female friends have premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea. None of these problems, however, can help female friends lose weight. Lower abdominal pain, Yaoxisuanruan symptoms are often encountered in the female menstrual discomfort. If a woman drinks a cup of hot milk with honey every night before going to sleep, she can relieve or eliminate all sorts of discomforts.

Milk potassium can ease the mood, and can relieve pain, prevent infection, reduce blood volume; honey contains magnesium can calm the central nervous system, help eliminate the tension in the menstrual period, to alleviate the psychological pressure.

Medical experts have warned that women can also eat bananas during menstruation, which has the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea. Banana is rich in vitamin B6, and vitamin B6 has stable nerve function, not only can stabilize the menstrual women restless mood, but also helps to improve sleep, make people become full of go, and can relieve pain.

How does severe dysmenorrhoea do? What is the optimal treatment method of dysmenorrhoea?

Dysmenorrhea is also a common gynecological disease, many female friends have dysmenorrhea symptoms before birth. What about severe dysmenorrhea? What is the optimal treatment method of dysmenorrhoea? About dysmenorrhea treatment method, gynecology expert said:

The treatment of dysmenorrhea main food including chicken soup, Motherwort cream, Hosta, peony root, sharks, specific methods of food according to the guidance of a doctor.

2. What is the best treatment for dysmenorrhea? Medication, dysmenorrhea: taking vitamins, B vitamins can stabilize mood, help sleep, make women energetic, and can reduce abdominal pain and so on.

3, massage treatment of dysmenorrhea: women in the menstrual cycle 3 days before the night with his hands overlap, press palms to the lower abdomen midline, counterclockwise massage for 10 minutes, and from the lower abdomen to the navel back 30-50 times, can be effective in relieving pain.

Proper treatment of dysmenorrhea, 4 Chinese medicine experts, this is one of the treatment methods of many doctors suggested, on the basis of drug treatment, and then use traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

Women’s health network (Editor)

Five good ways to completely resolve female dysmenorrhea

You may not know how many female friends, every month has been “dysmenorrhea” torture harassment, every month there is a few days of pain and suffering, but still can not find the reason, it can not completely cure dysmenorrhea. Have you ever thought that you can choose the right way to do it and live a happy and natural life in those days?. Women, in their own special days, should take good care of themselves. Here are five tips to save women’s dysmenorrhea

I. mobilization of the brain:

Studies have found that brain tension lowers the body’s tolerance to pain, so the severity of dysmenorrhea is directly proportional to brain tension. Functional MRI studies have shown that the region where the brain experiences other people’s pain is the same as the region that feels pain, that is, seeing other people’s dysmenorrhea can cause your dysmenorrhea to increase.

Tip: avoid the person who is “pain”; watch a hilarious comedy and relax your mind.

Analysis: when we are to be absorbed in the film when the body to produce large amounts of endorphins, can cut off the pain signals, temporary pain; once the happy body releases dopamine activation of brain cell membrane play analgesic effect.

Two, estrogen mobilization order: kidney stones can not eat what: 12164P2007.html

Women who are menstruating have the lowest estrogen levels and minimal pain tolerance, which makes menstrual pain more painful than any other period.

Recommendation: using natural foods to supplement estrogen analysis: Women’s tolerance to pain is closely related to the amount of oestrogen in the body, and estrogen supplementation through natural foods can increase the pain tolerance of women.

Three. Vascular mobilization order:

Pain leads to sympathetic nervous system, causing vasoconstriction, and vasoconstriction, poor blood circulation, and then aggravate dysmenorrhea, forming a vicious circle.

Recommendations: heating your body: heating your body by drinking hot water and wearing more clothes can dilate blood vessels, speed up blood flow, contract contractions of the uterine muscles, and reduce pain. Experiments have shown that the analgesic effect of heating the body with an oral placebo is comparable to that of an oral analgesic drug, and that the oral administration of analgesics at the time of heating the body can lead to half the time of the onset of the drug.

Four, uterine mobilization order: kidney stones can not eat anything: 12164P2007.html

If menstruation can not flow out of the cervix happily, it will stay in the uterus and flow out slowly. It will cause pelvic congestion and aggravate menstrual pain and back pain.

Suggestion: analysis of low hip high position held: dysmenorrhea, kneeling on the bed, raise the buttocks, keep the high low hip posture can improve the uterine retroversion position, convenient blood outflow, relieve pelvic congestion, relieve pain and low back discomfort.

Five. Order of mobilization of large intestine:

The stress reaction caused by constipation accelerates the peristalsis of the digestive tract, stimulates the contraction and contraction of the uterus, and causes short time severe pain or aggravating dysmenorrhea symptoms.

Recommendations: light diet, digestible analysis: intake of light digestible food, keep stool unobstructed, you can avoid severe gastrointestinal peristalsis and aggravating menstrual pain symptoms.

Why shouldn’t unmarried women wear contraceptive rings?

Why shouldn’t unmarried women wear contraceptive rings? In fact, I can not say “no”, but only that unmarried women generally do not advocate Sheung wan! ~ because the intrauterine ring is deformed, distorted and abnormally positioned, it can be found on the wall of the uterus and can cause increased bleeding or dysmenorrhea. If the endometrium is very fragile, in the ring, the bacteria, the virus into the uterine cavity, or on the ring, do not pay attention to health, are likely to cause intrauterine infection, excessive bleeding, menstrual extension, dysmenorrhea. However, this rarely occurs in the regular hospital on the ring. If you really need to ring ~ ~ so Sheung Wan note in the following: 1, within a week to do heavy manual labor, and avoid the abdominal pressure within two weeks to avoid sexual life and bath. 2, keep the vulva clean, wash every day, frequently change underwear. 3. The first menstrual cycle and the third, sixth, twelfth months after the upper ring should be followed up by medical staff for 1-2 times a year. 4, after the ring can appear a small amount of vaginal bleeding, lumbar soreness, abdominal pain and so on, the light can not be treated, serious symptoms such as bleeding, more than menstrual volume should be promptly diagnosed and treated. In case of bad symptoms or pregnancy symptoms, you should go to the doctor’s office or the hospital for examination in time. 5, all kinds of rings have a certain service life, T copper ring for 8-10 years, the parent music for 5 years, including copper palace ring for more than 10 years. When your ring has reached its service life, you should change it under the guidance of a doctor or use other methods of contraception. Menses is clean within 3-7 days. 6, older women should be in the menstrual cycle for six months to one year with medical staff, timely removal of the ring.

The replacement of sanitary napkins low frequency may cause vaginitis

Sanitary napkin is a necessary physiological product for adult women. It is necessary to change tampons every month for a few days until the menstrual period is clean.

Talking about the frequency of changing sanitary napkins, in fact, many women do not have a fixed time, but are feeling. Feel the amount of change, and if the amount is not much, then do not change. This seems to save the use of sanitary napkins, but it is entirely possible that the savings will lead to greater overhead.

Experts say women’s commonly used sanitary pads, pads and tampons can protect women from inflammation, but if used improperly, they may become potential accomplices for vaginitis”.

Some Indoorswoman or white-collar workers believe too much advertising exaggerated rhetoric, thought that a pad can be long, often sit for seven or eight hours without moving, do not bother to change the sanitary towel in a timely manner. In fact, even if the quality of qualified, when human activities, anal, urethral and vaginal special physiological structure will also allow bacteria to move on the sanitary napkin, thereby causing cross infection itself.

Experts explained that, under normal circumstances, about 10% of non pregnant women and 30% of pregnant women have Candida albicans in their vagina, but they do not cause symptoms. And in the humid, warm, especially the increase in glycogen in the vagina, increased acidity, excessive overgrowth of fungi, as if the balance of nature in the ecological imbalance, Candida vaginal disease will occur.

In addition, some women feel that the leucorrhea is not clean, in the absence of menstruation love to use sanitary pads, this seemingly hygienic habit, in fact, the most unhealthy.

The best pad can do is not “pads on the surface of glial airtight, the genitals wet, forming virus hotbed, greatly increases the risk of infection vaginitis, vaginitis infection of pregnant women will have premature crisis, and even lead to ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

Experts suggest: women best to change sanitary towels, preferably every 2 hours for another; before using sanitary napkins must wash hands, so as not to bring the bacteria to the sanitary napkin. Even if the period will be a day to clean the vulva, more attention should be paid to the cleaning period is to protect ecological environment, therefore, wash more healthy.

Xiaobian tips: it can be seen, accurate grasp of sanitary napkin replacement time is very important. For your health, please don’t save the sanitary towels for a long time without changing them.