Will menstruation be pregnant?

Menstrual intercourse can be pregnant? Exactly after menstruation sexual life of husband and wife is not pregnant, but her menstrual period if it will bring harm to women’s health, it is easy to cause bacterial infection during menstrual period sexual life. During the menstrual period, the endometrium falls off to form a wound, and the mouth of the uterus is also slightly stretched. Moreover, due to the discharge of menstruation, the acidic environment in the vagina is diluted, and the vaginal self-cleaning capacity is weakened. At this point, sexual intercourse, the male genital organs will bring bacteria into the uterus, causing inflammation of the pelvic cavity, causing pain to the woman.

Some women will return a few days after the menstrual cycle, in this case more attention should be paid to avoid sexual intercourse pollution. In addition, we should also pay attention to menstruation, even if the use of condoms can not engage in sexual intercourse, because condoms can only prevent sperm into the vagina, but it can not prevent the bacteria into the vagina, so it is harmful


How to live a couple’s sexual life in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy?

Sexual life in early pregnancy

The first 3 months of pregnancy, because the endocrine function of pregnant women have changed, the embryo is in the developmental stage, especially the connection of placental and maternal uterine wall at this time is not tight enough, if sexual life, probably because of improper actions or excessive excitement, so that the uterus was being shaken, let off, placental hemorrhage, cause abortion. Even if the sex life is very careful, but due to pelvic congestion, contraction of the uterus, but also prone to miscarriage.

The sexual life of husband and wife in the second trimester

In the second trimester (about 4 to 7 months), the placenta of pregnant women has been formed, the pregnancy is stable, and the response to early pregnancy has passed. At this point, the pregnant woman’s mood began to become more comfortable. Sexual organs are also increased secretions, sexual desire is relatively high period, so couples can enjoy sexual life properly. But still have to be modest, pay attention to the position and time of sexual life, to avoid the impact on the fetus.

At this point the placenta has amniotic fluid as a barrier, can buffer the external stimuli, so that the fetus has been effectively protected, reducing accidents. Dr. Lin Huiwen believes that sexual life during pregnancy should be based on emotional prenatal education, and that sexual life in the second trimester is also beneficial to conjugal love and the healthy development of the fetus. There are also domestic and foreign research pointed out that couples in pregnancy to the happy sex life, the children born fast response, language development early, and good health.

However, it is worth noting that pregnant women in this period of the amniotic membrane in the amniotic fluid volume increased, the tension of the fetal membranes gradually increased, at this time the most important thing is to maintain the stability of the uterus, protect the normal environment of the fetus. If the number of sexual life is too much, the force is relatively large, oppression of pregnant women abdominal, fetal membranes will be broken early. The umbilical cord may also fall from the breach to the vagina, or even outside the vagina. This will affect the fetus’s nutrition and oxygen delivery, and even cause death, or cause miscarriage. Even if the membrane is not broken, not abortion, may also make the sub bureaucratic infection. Severe infections can cause fetal death. Mild infections can also affect fetal intelligence and development.

Sexual life in the late pregnancy

After 8 months of pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly, the uterus significantly increased, pregnant women in the period of rapid expansion of the stomach, resulting in low back pain, the body is too lazy to move, sexual desire decreased. Dr. Lin Huiwen said, this time between husband and wife should be reduced as much as possible of life, if you want to have sex, you must control, and pay attention to posture, but also control the frequency and duration of life, action should not be rude and deeply, so as to avoid accidents.

Can I use cosmetics after pregnancy?

Some people say that women can not use cosmetics after pregnancy, and even skin care products can not be used. In the end, pregnant women can make-up it? In fact, you can use cosmetics, but try not to paint lipstick, you can use some good quality glycerin moist lips, nail polish, hair gel and the like, do not use. Leg cramps are calcium, suggest you drink bone soup, so you can not eat calcium calcium. You can make some cucumber slices at attaining a mask: 1. 2 skim milk + vitamin E foam compression mask 3 aloe water mask with compressed moisture. The above generally 15~20 minutes or so on it. Whitening hydrating

How dangerous is an elderly woman?

Women are generally over thirty-five years of age, pregnant can be called “elderly mothers”, through a number of survey results show that elderly women in the process of birth risk is relatively large. Before 60s, it was rare for women to become pregnant after the age of 30. Because it is generally believed that in medicine, late pregnancy is not a very wise choice for mothers and fetuses.

Due to the elderly, the cervix is generally more tough, open the mouth slow, natural production difficulties, so caesarean section in older women more prevalent. With the development of medical technology, caesarean section has been greatly improved. Not only has the anaesthetic method been developed from a single general anesthesia to the present joint anesthesia, it reduces the pain and shortens the operation time from the previous 1-2 hours to the present few minutes. Therefore, an elderly woman who is undergoing caesarean section does not need much apprehension.

Does moderate cervical erosion matter? Is it serious?

I believe the majority of female friends all know, cervical erosion is a common gynecological diseases, the incidence of cervical erosion is due to childbirth, abortion, puerperal infection or surgical operation or mechanical stimulation, such as sexual life injury cervix, pathogen causing invasive infection.

Cervical erosion by grade is divided into mild, moderate and severe, different degrees of cervical erosion treatment is also very different. The patients with mild cervical erosion have smaller erosion area, and the patients with mild inflammatory infiltration are usually treated with drugs.

When the cervical erosion area of less than the entire area of 1/3 for mild cervical erosion; erosion area occupies cervix area between the 1/3~2/3 for moderate cervical erosion; cervical erosion area occupies whole area of 2 /3 or more severe cervical erosion.

So, moderate cervical erosion does it matter, moderate cervical erosion is not serious?

Gynecological experts said: moderate cervical erosion is not serious, as long as active treatment can be restored to health.

The cervical erosion is a particularly severe erosion were mainly manifested as increased leucorrhea, due to inflammation range pathogens, and the degree is different, leucorrhea, shape, color and smell is different, can be milky white mucus or purulent yellow or red.

Cervical erosion two degrees can cause contact bleeding or irregular vaginal bleeding, when the inflammation spread to the pelvic cavity, can have low back pain, sacral pain, abdominal pain, fall and dysmenorrhea, every menstruation, bowel movements or sexual intercourse when aggravating.

When suffering from cervical erosion, can cause other organ inflammation, such as cervical erosion caused by Endometritis pathogens can be upward; through the uterine ligament, lymphatic spread caused by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease; when inflammation affects the bladder trigone, and painful urination, frequent urination and dysuria caused by urinary system disease symptom.

For moderate erosion, the general drug treatment course is long, and the effect is not good, physics and other treatment methods are relatively expensive, but the effect is good, the course of treatment is short, this also saves time. No birth, then you can use BBT surgery, have fertility can use LEEP surgery, the two treatment method is simple, quick effect.

Treatment of cervical erosion medication principles are exquisite

Women are aware of cervical erosion is one of the most common gynecological diseases, especially in married women, more than half of the average per capita has a different degree of cervical erosion. According to a recently published community health survey in Beijing, cervical erosion has become one of the most important diseases threatening the health of Chinese people.

The cervical erosion is caused by cervical chronic inflammation, cervicitis when involving deep tissue, Komiya surface squamous epithelium due to malnutrition and automatically fall off, covered by columnar epithelium denudation surface is gradually by the cervical canal and, since the columnar epithelium is thin and revealed the following vascular and red the interstitial, the red and pink see normal wound epithelial boundaries were clear, which is usually referred to cervical erosion.

Professor Sun also told reporters that the current treatment of cervical erosion of existing drugs, laser, microwave and other methods, but also very effective, as long as the treatment of science, is fully able to cure, but the clinical cure patients rarely get real. This result is mainly because many patients with cervical erosion recognition and choice of treatment errors, many patients like to choose drug treatment, and the laser, microwave and other treatment methods are taboo.

Can not be denied that the drug is an important method for the treatment of cervical erosion, for mild cervical erosion patients, take local dressing and vaginal drug washout, vaginal suppository drug treatment, or taking in acute cervicitis, injection of antibiotics, indeed to control symptoms of cervical erosion, to prevent erosion aggravate is very effective, and adhere to the medication, you can cure. But for moderate and severe cervical erosion patients, the effect of drug treatment is poor, and the best choice is physical therapy such as laser.

At present, the market for the treatment of cervical erosion drugs are many, and the media of such drugs are also many advertisements, many patients will buy their own use. In this regard, sun read Professor Zhang reminded that patients with cervical erosion must be under the guidance of a doctor to choose drugs, choose medication, do not blindly use drugs. She said that many patients because the medication is wrong, such as excessive use of drugs to clean the vagina, although it can kill bacteria, but it is also easy to make the vaginal flora disorder, aggravating the disease.

Patients with severe cervical erosion, do not rely on drug treatment, drug treatment not only because of high cost, long treatment time, but the effect is not obvious, so the moderate and severe cervical erosion patients should follow the doctor’s advice, choice of treatment in laser, freezing, microwave and other better, in order to eradicate disease.

Laser, microwave and other treatment methods are not only the first choice for the treatment of middle and severe cervical erosion patients, but also important for the patients who are not fertile. At present, many people think that cervical erosion using laser and other physical treatment methods may lead to infertility, this is actually not the right point of view. Cervical erosion itself may lead to infertility, certainly is the need for treatment, so for those severe cervical erosion and infertility patients, the proposed method of laser and other physical treatment, so that quick results. However, in the treatment should be told the doctor does not affect the function of the cervix.

Five good ways to completely resolve female dysmenorrhea

You may not know how many female friends, every month has been “dysmenorrhea” torture harassment, every month there is a few days of pain and suffering, but still can not find the reason, it can not completely cure dysmenorrhea. Have you ever thought that you can choose the right way to do it and live a happy and natural life in those days?. Women, in their own special days, should take good care of themselves. Here are five tips to save women’s dysmenorrhea

I. mobilization of the brain:

Studies have found that brain tension lowers the body’s tolerance to pain, so the severity of dysmenorrhea is directly proportional to brain tension. Functional MRI studies have shown that the region where the brain experiences other people’s pain is the same as the region that feels pain, that is, seeing other people’s dysmenorrhea can cause your dysmenorrhea to increase.

Tip: avoid the person who is “pain”; watch a hilarious comedy and relax your mind.

Analysis: when we are to be absorbed in the film when the body to produce large amounts of endorphins, can cut off the pain signals, temporary pain; once the happy body releases dopamine activation of brain cell membrane play analgesic effect.

Two, estrogen mobilization order: kidney stones can not eat what: 12164P2007.html

Women who are menstruating have the lowest estrogen levels and minimal pain tolerance, which makes menstrual pain more painful than any other period.

Recommendation: using natural foods to supplement estrogen analysis: Women’s tolerance to pain is closely related to the amount of oestrogen in the body, and estrogen supplementation through natural foods can increase the pain tolerance of women.

Three. Vascular mobilization order:

Pain leads to sympathetic nervous system, causing vasoconstriction, and vasoconstriction, poor blood circulation, and then aggravate dysmenorrhea, forming a vicious circle.

Recommendations: heating your body: heating your body by drinking hot water and wearing more clothes can dilate blood vessels, speed up blood flow, contract contractions of the uterine muscles, and reduce pain. Experiments have shown that the analgesic effect of heating the body with an oral placebo is comparable to that of an oral analgesic drug, and that the oral administration of analgesics at the time of heating the body can lead to half the time of the onset of the drug.

Four, uterine mobilization order: kidney stones can not eat anything: 12164P2007.html

If menstruation can not flow out of the cervix happily, it will stay in the uterus and flow out slowly. It will cause pelvic congestion and aggravate menstrual pain and back pain.

Suggestion: analysis of low hip high position held: dysmenorrhea, kneeling on the bed, raise the buttocks, keep the high low hip posture can improve the uterine retroversion position, convenient blood outflow, relieve pelvic congestion, relieve pain and low back discomfort.

Five. Order of mobilization of large intestine:

The stress reaction caused by constipation accelerates the peristalsis of the digestive tract, stimulates the contraction and contraction of the uterus, and causes short time severe pain or aggravating dysmenorrhea symptoms.

Recommendations: light diet, digestible analysis: intake of light digestible food, keep stool unobstructed, you can avoid severe gastrointestinal peristalsis and aggravating menstrual pain symptoms.