Which women are unsuitable for long-term oral contraceptives?

When you do not want children, you should choose the correct method of contraception, the general methods of contraception are intrauterine device, knot, oral contraceptives and so on. However, not all people are suitable for these methods of contraception, some people are suitable for intrauterine device, while some people put intrauterine device will be unwell. So, which groups are suitable for oral contraceptives?

Major disease patients

Because the hormone drugs should be metabolized in the liver, from the kidney to exclude, medication will increase the liver and kidney function burden, so acute, chronic hepatitis or nephritis patients are not suitable for use.

Patients with hematologic and endocrine diseases

The pill will make the blood coagulation function in hyperthyroidism, and increase the risk of thrombosis, can make blood sugar rise, affect thyroid function, so all kinds of blood disease, thrombotic diseases, endocrine diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism patients should avoid application.

Gynecologic cancer patients

Due to gynecological tumors, breast diseases are mostly hormone dependent diseases, taking contraceptives containing estrogen and progesterone can aggravate the condition, should be disabled.

Scanty menstruation

Birth control pills may reduce menstruation further.

Women over 45 years of age

In this period, the fluctuation of hormone levels is large, so contraception should not be used.

Lactating women

Contraceptives can inhibit the secretion of milk, and can affect the development of the newborn through the secretion of milk, so breast-feeding women can not use.


Knowledge of infant health care in spring (kindergarten health care knowledge in spring)

Spring baby care knowledge (kindergarten, spring health care knowledge) do you understand? Spring is a warm season by cold and sometimes hot and sometimes cold, large temperature changes, easily eroded children body and pathogenic bacteria. Take plenty of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C: has the function of anti-virus and strengthening resistance. Such as vegetables, Chinese cabbage, snow red, green peppers, tomatoes and so on. Vitamin A: it has the function of protecting and enhancing the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane and respiratory organ epithelial cell, and can resist all kinds of pathogenic bacteria erosion. Such as carrots, amaranth and some yellow green vegetables. The vitamins can improve the body’s immune function, enhanced disease resistance. Such as cabbage, cauliflower, sesame etc.. The edible fungus: containing iron and calcium rich, can promote the growth and development, improve the body resistance. Such as black fungus, white fungus, mushrooms, letinous edodes and so on.

Beware of the wind in spring

Spring is the season of wind, and it is the most significant season for the wind. The reason is that mainland China’s spring cold air mass, things flow changes frequently, sometimes cold winter weather features, and summer heat; and dry, and wet; pressure is high or low is not stable. Either way, the wind can have a greater impact on the human body. Children to climate changes have some ability to adapt, but poor adaptability of the spring wind climate changing, and the changes of the wind suddenly changes caused by changes in temperature, dry and wet weather, and the height of pressure, due to a child (especially frail infants), physiological adjustment is slow, more likely to cause disease. Therefore, spring is the peak season for children with all kinds of epidemic diseases. Parents should change clothes according to the weather changes so as to prevent wind cold and other diseases. At the same time to strengthen the children’s physical exercise, every morning to the park in the morning before 8:30, to participate in sports activities, enhance children’s body of the resistance to pathogens, enhance physical fitness. Spring prevents children from returning.

upper respiratory tract infection

Upper respiratory infection is the most common respiratory disease, and people can return to colds several times a year. This is because: the cold pathogen has ten kinds, more than 200 types, and each other has no cross immunity, when suffering from a cold, can also suffer from second kinds of cold; the general symptoms of a cold light, short duration, disease immunity is weak, so prone to infection; in the sense of a pathogen wide spread in the air, people often have healthy carriers, once the children tired, cold or flu, most likely to occur in weak”.

Spring is the season of high incidence of respiratory tract infection in children, parents should pay attention to the child especially warm feet to keep warm, because the feet are the extremities, blood circulation is poor, if the cold of the feet back, shot by the nose, pharynx, trachea and other upper respiratory tract mucosal changes, the ability to resist pathogens decreased lurking in pathogenic bacteria the body will be a lot of growth and reproduction, the incidence in children.

A magical, salt

Parents can brush their teeth with salt. Parents can also gargle their children with salt water to keep them clean. Can also be in the morning so that children drink a little salt water, gastrointestinal cleaning and Qingrejiedu effect.

Two, ginger water use

Ginger water can be soaked feet, you can also use towels, ginger water, while hot, for children to wipe the chest and back. Doing so can increase heart and lung function and improve body resistance.

“The monkey spring rain, said at any time change.” In this warm and cool air dry spring weather is constantly changing, directly affect the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract defense function. As the saying goes, “grass back to bud, basic attack”, spring is also popular in meningitis, influenza, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, measles and scarlet fever in children of various disease epidemic season, therefore, it is important in disease prevention and health care.

“The monkey spring rain, said at any time change.” In this warm and cool air dry spring weather is constantly changing, directly affect the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract defense function. As the saying goes, “grass back to bud, basic attack”, spring is also popular in meningitis, influenza, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, measles and scarlet fever in children of various disease epidemic season, therefore, it is important in disease prevention and health care.

The most easily overlooked two contraceptive mistakes

For women who do not want to BB, especially to do contraceptive measures, otherwise the pain caused by artificial abortion will let you remember for life. Moreover, no matter which way of abortion affects women’s health, a safe and effective method of contraception is very important, but some women who have no experience in this field are often prone to these misunderstandings.

1, security period, contraception is really very safe

Some female menstrual cycle is more accurate, think that by calculating the safety period can achieve the role of contraception. Most women have menstrual cycles of 24-32 days, and ovulation occurs on day 12-18. If the egg fails to fertilize 24 hours after ovulation, the egg cell will die by itself. After the sperm is excreted, it can normally fertilize the egg within 3 days, but it has also been reported that sperm remain fertilized after one week of sexual life. Experts point out that the so-called “safety period” is very short, for women whose menstrual cycle is 28 days, this period of “safety” is only about 1 weeks. And because of climate, diet, mood, environment and other changes, ovulation time will fluctuate, and even occur additional ovulation, so the method of safety period contraception is not reliable.

2, many women have given birth on the ring that only a method of contraception, women suffering from a disease such as uterine fibroids, irregular menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea is often not suitable for ring, no other alternatives like. In fact, there are many options available, including the Sheung Wan, oral contraceptives (including long-acting and short acting), condoms, contraceptives, subcutaneous implants, sterilization, and so on.

3, the most common reason is the existence of luck, that pregnancy is not so easy, accidental, one-time pregnancy is very low probability. Experts warned that this is a very wrong point of view, every one-time life risk of pregnancy, must not have luck. The expert reminds: “safety period contraception is to stop sexual intercourse in oviposit period, this needs to get the close tie of the man, otherwise cannot use.”. Of course, the use of an external contraceptive pill during ovulation is also possible.

What is the best food for female dysmenorrhea?

Female dysmenorrhea is also one of the most common problems. Dysmenorrhea is not a big event, but it can also affect women’s health. It can even affect life or pregnancy. Chinese doctors believe that dysmenorrhea in women is due to the dysfunction of Qi and blood or the deficiency of Qi and blood. The common clinical with qi stagnation and blood stasis, Hanning uterus, Qi and blood deficiency, damp heat syndrome.

Dysmenorrhea in patients with menstrual cramps before 3 ~ 5 days catering mainly to light yixiaohua. Eat easy to digest food, should not eat too full, especially should avoid eating cold food, because cold food can stimulate the uterus and oviduct contraction. So as to induce or aggravate dysmenorrhea. Menstrual cramps, you should avoid all cold and not easy to digest and excitant food, such as pepper, raw onions, raw garlic, pepper, liquor etc.. During this period, the patient can eat some sour food, such as sauerkraut, vinegar and so on. The sour food has the function of relieving pain.

In addition, dysmenorrhea patients should keep their bowels unobstructed before and after the disease. As far as possible, eat honey, bananas, celery, potatoes etc.. Constipation can cause dysmenorrhea and increase pain.

Some people think that the amount of dysmenorrhea patients drink wine can activate collaterals, dilate blood vessels, smooth muscle relaxation, the prevention and treatment of dysmenorrhea effect. If the amount of blood is not much, you can drink some wine in moderation, can alleviate symptoms, to some extent, can also play a therapeutic role. Wine has an exciting effect on the body because it contains ethanol. Emotional depression caused by dysmenorrhea properly drink Wine, can play a good role as emotion, Shugan Qi and Li,. In addition, Wine taste Xinganxingwen, symplectic energy dispersion can, on the cold dampness stagnation dysmenorrhea syndrome, can cold dampness, activating blood flow; temperature can make to slow, the Qi and blood deficiency due to dysmenorrhea, and can play Yang blood, relieving pain effect.

Dysmenorrhea patients with normal diet should be diversified, not a partial eclipse, should always eat something with the role of Qi and blood circulation of fruits and vegetables, such as shepherd’s purse, orchid root, coriander, carrot, orange, bergamot, ginger etc.. Weak body, lack of Qi and blood, should often eat Qi, blood, liver and kidney food, such as chickens, ducks, fish, eggs, milk, animal liver and kidney, fish, beans and other healthy food.

Studies have found that women who drink hot milk and honey can relieve menstrual discomfort

Menstruation is a very unusual period for women, and many female friends have premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea. None of these problems, however, can help female friends lose weight. Lower abdominal pain, Yaoxisuanruan symptoms are often encountered in the female menstrual discomfort. If a woman drinks a cup of hot milk with honey every night before going to sleep, she can relieve or eliminate all sorts of discomforts.

Milk potassium can ease the mood, and can relieve pain, prevent infection, reduce blood volume; honey contains magnesium can calm the central nervous system, help eliminate the tension in the menstrual period, to alleviate the psychological pressure.

Medical experts have warned that women can also eat bananas during menstruation, which has the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea. Banana is rich in vitamin B6, and vitamin B6 has stable nerve function, not only can stabilize the menstrual women restless mood, but also helps to improve sleep, make people become full of go, and can relieve pain.

How does severe dysmenorrhoea do? What is the optimal treatment method of dysmenorrhoea?

Dysmenorrhea is also a common gynecological disease, many female friends have dysmenorrhea symptoms before birth. What about severe dysmenorrhea? What is the optimal treatment method of dysmenorrhoea? About dysmenorrhea treatment method, gynecology expert said:

The treatment of dysmenorrhea main food including chicken soup, Motherwort cream, Hosta, peony root, sharks, specific methods of food according to the guidance of a doctor.

2. What is the best treatment for dysmenorrhea? Medication, dysmenorrhea: taking vitamins, B vitamins can stabilize mood, help sleep, make women energetic, and can reduce abdominal pain and so on.

3, massage treatment of dysmenorrhea: women in the menstrual cycle 3 days before the night with his hands overlap, press palms to the lower abdomen midline, counterclockwise massage for 10 minutes, and from the lower abdomen to the navel back 30-50 times, can be effective in relieving pain.

Proper treatment of dysmenorrhea, 4 Chinese medicine experts, this is one of the treatment methods of many doctors suggested, on the basis of drug treatment, and then use traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

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Why shouldn’t unmarried women wear contraceptive rings?

Why shouldn’t unmarried women wear contraceptive rings? In fact, I can not say “no”, but only that unmarried women generally do not advocate Sheung wan! ~ because the intrauterine ring is deformed, distorted and abnormally positioned, it can be found on the wall of the uterus and can cause increased bleeding or dysmenorrhea. If the endometrium is very fragile, in the ring, the bacteria, the virus into the uterine cavity, or on the ring, do not pay attention to health, are likely to cause intrauterine infection, excessive bleeding, menstrual extension, dysmenorrhea. However, this rarely occurs in the regular hospital on the ring. If you really need to ring ~ ~ so Sheung Wan note in the following: 1, within a week to do heavy manual labor, and avoid the abdominal pressure within two weeks to avoid sexual life and bath. 2, keep the vulva clean, wash every day, frequently change underwear. 3. The first menstrual cycle and the third, sixth, twelfth months after the upper ring should be followed up by medical staff for 1-2 times a year. 4, after the ring can appear a small amount of vaginal bleeding, lumbar soreness, abdominal pain and so on, the light can not be treated, serious symptoms such as bleeding, more than menstrual volume should be promptly diagnosed and treated. In case of bad symptoms or pregnancy symptoms, you should go to the doctor’s office or the hospital for examination in time. 5, all kinds of rings have a certain service life, T copper ring for 8-10 years, the parent music for 5 years, including copper palace ring for more than 10 years. When your ring has reached its service life, you should change it under the guidance of a doctor or use other methods of contraception. Menses is clean within 3-7 days. 6, older women should be in the menstrual cycle for six months to one year with medical staff, timely removal of the ring.