What are the causes of young people’s hair white? Smokers tend to have long hair

Hair has a decisive impact on personal image, hair frizz, dry will make people the image greatly reduced. Which is more than hair frizz worries is hair white, let a person look much bigger than the actual age.

Many young people now begin to have grey hair in their more than 20 or early 30. What is the reason for this? In fact, many of our daily habits affect hair health. If you don’t believe it, keep looking……

What are the causes of young people's hair white? Smokers tend to have long hair1

What are the causes of young people’s white hair?

I. smoking

You are a drug addict? Nicotine in cigarette smoke is the cause of the grey-haired murderer! Nicotine is inhaled body, cause vasoconstriction of blood flow variation. In addition, it can also promote baldness, wrinkles, dark circles and so on.

Two, uneven intake of nutrients

Modern people because of busy, often in a hurry to solve a meal, nutrient intake is seriously unbalanced. Melanocytes cannot produce melanin in the absence of nutrients and supply hair. It is recommended to eat more fish with high protein content and foods rich in vitamin E that promotes metabolism. In addition, seaweed also has good effect on activating melanocytes.

Three, deficiency of Qi and blood

Chinese medicine believes that one of the main causes of hair whitening is lack of Qi and blood. Hair is an important manifestation of Qi and blood in the body, hair black, dense, supple and bright, on behalf of adequate blood; and white hair, hair loss, hair drying, etc., are women’s lack of blood performance. Suggest usually eat red dates, longan, angelica and so on to help fill the blood food.

Four, lack of exercise

Lack of exercise leads to poor circulation and prevents the blood from being transported to all corners of the scalp, and the melanocytes do not function properly. You might as well get off at the front stop of the company and take a walk. Take 15 more minutes every day, rest, exercise, bones and muscles. You can easily have a black hair with a little habit!

Five, emotional instability

Mood changes can easily cause nerve dysfunction of the body, so the function of melanin secretion will also be impaired, affecting the synthesis and delivery of pigment particles, it will grow a lot of gray hair. In addition, tension, sadness and other negative emotions often lead to a series of rapid changes in the body, resulting in serious endocrine disorders, resulting in a short period of time white hair.

What are the causes of young people's hair white? Smokers tend to have long hair2

What are the causes of young people’s white hair?

Six, did not do head sunscreen

The head of long-term exposure to UV rays, melanoma cells are vulnerable to damage, not only made qualitative result, hair color will fade. Usually must make hair sunscreen, by wearing a hat or umbrella brace, ready to do protection work, to avoid ultraviolet.

Seven, cumulative pressure

When stressed, the muscles become tense and rigid, and the blood vessels contract to slow the flow of blood. Soak a warm bath before going to bed, relax, or watch an interesting movie, regularly spread unpleasant mood, do not let the pressure on their own pressure out of breath.

Eight, kidney deficiency

Chinese medicine believes that hair is more than blood, and published in the kidney, so that the kidney in the hair, when the kidneys do not pay (insomnia, neurasthenia), or congenital deficiency or excessive anxiety Haoshang blood, injury of kidney essence or feel alarmed when the hair will turn white. Therefore, in order to black hair fluttering, we must pay attention to maintaining the kidneys.


Nursing of “private place” before and after sexual intercourse

How should we do the work of health care before and after sexual life? Genitalia, whether male or female, have wrinkles outside the mucous membranes and are prone to bacteria. Between male wrapping and glans, often hide white wrapping dirty, have a lot of bacteria, if do not clean in time, also can cause glans and wrapping phlogistic. The female urethra, vagina and anus are adjacent to each other, and the bacteria are easy to contaminate each other. Every time, the semen of the man and the mucus secreted by the woman’s vagina will stick to the external genital organs, and the dirt on the vaginal orifice or penis will also be taken into the vagina and cause inflammation. Therefore, carefully cleaning the genitalia of both sexes before and after sexual intercourse is one of the important measures to prevent genital tract inflammation and block all kinds of infectious diseases. Men should pay attention to wash the penis, scrotum, and pull the foreskin to the penis, in order to fully expose the glans and wash clean. Women should pay attention to the size of the vulva, labia minora, vaginal vestibule, the vagina does not need cleaning.

Micturition before and after sexual intercourse should also urinate once. Urination before intercourse can prevent the pressure of the inflated bladder from causing discomfort and affect the quality of sexual life. After sexual intercourse should also urinate once, let urine irrigation urethral orifice, can be a small amount of bacteria washed away, prevent urinary tract infection. Especially the woman. Because urethral is relatively short, once infected, easy upward cause pyelonephritis.

Sexual intercourse before and after bath is exquisite

Both husband and wife each time before and after sexual intercourse should do their own cleaning, washing, sexual intercourse before a warm bath, will increase each other’s body pleasant sensation, perfect for sexual life is very useful. But not hot shower for a long time, this is because the skin after bathing vessels will be fully expanded, a lot of blood flow to the skin expansion of blood vessels, if immediately after sexual life, sexual organs have congestion, have to mobilize supplement throughout the body expansion of blood vessels. As a result, it is easy to lead to an imbalance of blood circulation in the body, reduce the amount of blood supply to other organs, cause dizziness, fatigue, palpitations and other physical discomfort, serious blood sugar may be low.

Myocardial ischemia and angina may also occur in patients with cardiovascular disease. In addition, after sexual intercourse should not immediately hot water bath. Because the bath will make the blood influx to the skin and muscle tissue and other important organs to reduce blood, heart and brain blood supply once reduced, their normal physiological function will be affected, some diseases will be induced. Summer morning after sweating will affect sleep, take a shower with warm water.

Knowledge of infant health care in spring (kindergarten health care knowledge in spring)

Spring baby care knowledge (kindergarten, spring health care knowledge) do you understand? Spring is a warm season by cold and sometimes hot and sometimes cold, large temperature changes, easily eroded children body and pathogenic bacteria. Take plenty of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C: has the function of anti-virus and strengthening resistance. Such as vegetables, Chinese cabbage, snow red, green peppers, tomatoes and so on. Vitamin A: it has the function of protecting and enhancing the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane and respiratory organ epithelial cell, and can resist all kinds of pathogenic bacteria erosion. Such as carrots, amaranth and some yellow green vegetables. The vitamins can improve the body’s immune function, enhanced disease resistance. Such as cabbage, cauliflower, sesame etc.. The edible fungus: containing iron and calcium rich, can promote the growth and development, improve the body resistance. Such as black fungus, white fungus, mushrooms, letinous edodes and so on.

Beware of the wind in spring

Spring is the season of wind, and it is the most significant season for the wind. The reason is that mainland China’s spring cold air mass, things flow changes frequently, sometimes cold winter weather features, and summer heat; and dry, and wet; pressure is high or low is not stable. Either way, the wind can have a greater impact on the human body. Children to climate changes have some ability to adapt, but poor adaptability of the spring wind climate changing, and the changes of the wind suddenly changes caused by changes in temperature, dry and wet weather, and the height of pressure, due to a child (especially frail infants), physiological adjustment is slow, more likely to cause disease. Therefore, spring is the peak season for children with all kinds of epidemic diseases. Parents should change clothes according to the weather changes so as to prevent wind cold and other diseases. At the same time to strengthen the children’s physical exercise, every morning to the park in the morning before 8:30, to participate in sports activities, enhance children’s body of the resistance to pathogens, enhance physical fitness. Spring prevents children from returning.

upper respiratory tract infection

Upper respiratory infection is the most common respiratory disease, and people can return to colds several times a year. This is because: the cold pathogen has ten kinds, more than 200 types, and each other has no cross immunity, when suffering from a cold, can also suffer from second kinds of cold; the general symptoms of a cold light, short duration, disease immunity is weak, so prone to infection; in the sense of a pathogen wide spread in the air, people often have healthy carriers, once the children tired, cold or flu, most likely to occur in weak”.

Spring is the season of high incidence of respiratory tract infection in children, parents should pay attention to the child especially warm feet to keep warm, because the feet are the extremities, blood circulation is poor, if the cold of the feet back, shot by the nose, pharynx, trachea and other upper respiratory tract mucosal changes, the ability to resist pathogens decreased lurking in pathogenic bacteria the body will be a lot of growth and reproduction, the incidence in children.

A magical, salt

Parents can brush their teeth with salt. Parents can also gargle their children with salt water to keep them clean. Can also be in the morning so that children drink a little salt water, gastrointestinal cleaning and Qingrejiedu effect.

Two, ginger water use

Ginger water can be soaked feet, you can also use towels, ginger water, while hot, for children to wipe the chest and back. Doing so can increase heart and lung function and improve body resistance.

“The monkey spring rain, said at any time change.” In this warm and cool air dry spring weather is constantly changing, directly affect the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract defense function. As the saying goes, “grass back to bud, basic attack”, spring is also popular in meningitis, influenza, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, measles and scarlet fever in children of various disease epidemic season, therefore, it is important in disease prevention and health care.

“The monkey spring rain, said at any time change.” In this warm and cool air dry spring weather is constantly changing, directly affect the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract defense function. As the saying goes, “grass back to bud, basic attack”, spring is also popular in meningitis, influenza, mumps, chicken pox, diphtheria, measles and scarlet fever in children of various disease epidemic season, therefore, it is important in disease prevention and health care.

How is endometriosis treated?

How is endometriosis treated? In fact, the current treatment of endometriosis is mainly divided into two kinds, one is drug therapy, and the other is surgical treatment. However, the treatment of endometriosis should be based on the patient’s age, the requirements of fertility, symptoms, location and extent of the lesion, and whether there is any complication, and so on, and determine the treatment methods. Treatment includes medications, surgery, and radiation therapy. For young women who have fertility requirements, drug therapy or conservative surgery should be used as much as possible. Women with large age and no fertility requirements can have complete hysterectomy and double accessory resection.

(1) medicine treatment; mainly hormone therapy and Chinese medicine treatment. Because ectopic endometrium responds to ovarian endocrine, sex hormone therapy has become an important treatment for this disease. Sexual hormone treatment is mainly to inhibit ovulation or cause amenorrhea, so that ectopic endometrial degeneration occurs, and then necrosis, absorption. After sexual hormone treatment, a part of the patient’s symptoms can be alleviated, and some patients have been treated after pregnancy. But the sex hormone drugs usually have different side effects, such as loss of appetite, nausea, liver dysfunction and so on. They can disappear after withdrawal. Some patients after long-term use, the effect is not stable enough, and after the withdrawal of drugs easily relapse. Therefore, hormone therapy should be applied under the guidance of a doctor. The commonly used sex hormones are androgen, progesterone, estrogen, and so on.

Chinese medicine therapy is the use of traditional Chinese medicine blood stasis, Tongluosanjie, efficacy of liver qi, relieving pain, plays a fundamental role, such as “pure Chinese medicine Guiling xiaoliuwan pill” on the pathogenesis of Endometriosis Dysmenorrhea medication, in effect increasing particularly caused in the relief of endometrium endometriosis, endometrial it can promote blood circulation, make the endometrium gradually return to normal function, the ectopic endometrial hyperplasia tissue gradually disappear and become soft, and finally dissipated, the patient from the adverse effects of the suffering of the operation and operation.

(2) surgical treatment:

Radical surgery: total hysterectomy, double attachments, and pelvic focus resection. Mainly used in older, near menopausal patients. Semi conservative surgery is to remove the uterus or uterus lesions, remove pelvic lesions, and retain one or both ovaries. Conservative or semi conservative surgery, because the ovary is preserved, the lesion may recur or even be re operated. These patients are usually treated with sex hormones for a period of time after conservative surgery.

Gynecological experts remind, endometriosis treatment principle on mild symptoms who received expectant treatment, especially fertility requirements and mild to moderate disease can first use drug therapy, lesions in young patients with severe retention of conservative surgery of ovary and uterus, do not easily uterus, ovariectomy.

Uterine fibroids are large, requiring surgery to restore health

How much does uterine myoma need to be treated? Treatment of uterine fibroids can also be treated with traditional Chinese medicine conservative treatment, or after surgery, the use of effective traditional Chinese medicine consolidation treatment. But if you use drugs or is too big if the treatment effect is not too good, then choose the best surgical treatment is good, but how much need surgical treatment of uterine fibroids?

Experts say the risk of fibroid swelling is small, usually below 1%. Most fibroids can be removed through the palace laparoscopic, do not have surgery, so the earlier the smaller the better, not only small trauma, but also difficult surgery. Fibroids will grow longer and larger, and eventually need to be removed. In what circumstances should the resection be performed? The following are the main cases:

1, uterine fibroids cause massive bleeding, or long-term excessive volume, excessive menstrual period, resulting in anemia, and drugs can not cure. At this point, resection is the only solution.

2, uterine fibroids grow to fist size, causing other organs in the pelvis to be oppressed, surgical resection can relieve symptoms, and large fibroids have a greater chance of worsening than small fibroids.

3, fibroids grow too fast, or after menopause, fibroids do not shrink, but instead become larger.

4, women infertility, and all other normal examination, at this time the cause of infertility may be uterine fibroids. Uterine fibroids may cause habitual miscarriage.

Expert analysis of six major causes of vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding refers to bleeding from any part of the reproductive tract. The form of bleeding can be divided into menorrhagia and prolonged menstruation. Irregular bleeding or contact bleeding, etc., the amount of bleeding can be more or less. For different reasons, vaginal bleeding can be divided into the following:

(1) tumor associated bleeding;

1. irregular vaginal bleeding in young children, seen in grape like sarcoma

2., more than middle-aged women vaginal bleeding, more common in uterine fibroids

3. middle-aged or postmenopausal women with contact or irregular bleeding in cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian functional tumors and so on.

(two) trauma related bleeding;

1. trauma induced bleeding

2. bleeding after intercourse: rupture of the hymen, rupture of the vaginal wall or posterior fornix.

(three) bleeding associated with systemic diseases

Disseminated intravascular coagulation in liver disease, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenic purpura, leukemia, and obstetrics and gynecology.

(four) endocrine related bleeding

(four) endocrine related bleeding

Neonatal vaginal bleeding, bleeding associated with contraceptives, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, menstrual bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, etc..

(five) bleeding associated with pregnancy

(five) bleeding associated with pregnancy

Threatened abortion, incomplete abortion, ectopic pregnancy, placenta abruption, hydatidiform mole and choriocarcinoma.

(six) bleeding associated with gynecological inflammation

(six) bleeding associated with gynecological inflammation

1. in the vulva vulva bleeding ulcer of urethral caruncle etc..

2., vaginal bleeding seen in vaginal ulcers, vaginitis, especially senile vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis

3., cervical bleeding in acute and chronic cervicitis, cervical erosion, cervical ulcer, cervical polyps.

4., bleeding in the uterus, acute and chronic endometritis, chronic uterine myositis, acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, etc..

Why does the vagina become slack after birth?

Postpartum vaginal relaxation has a great relationship with the mode of delivery, postpartum vaginal relaxation for many reasons, the fetus is too large (macrosomia), the natural childbirth causing injury; second trimester abortion caused by vaginal injury; multiple delivery; postpartum lack of exercise; postpartum recovery blind to lose weight, do not pay attention to nutrition or too tired and lead to pelvic poor recovery of muscles.

After natural childbirth women, because the vagina is fetal delivery channel, baby born general head diameter of about 10 cm, that vaginal delivery should be expanded to 10 cm, normal vaginal diameter is 2. 5 cm, after the birth of the child’s extrusion, vaginal expansion obvious, muscle and hymen scars were completely destroyed, the elasticity dropped significantly.

But not only natural childbirth will lead to vaginal relaxation, in childbirth, pelvic muscles and ligaments will be fully extended, for the baby’s birth to prepare the birth canal. Thus even if the cesarean section, there will be vaginal relaxation phenomenon.