What time does the baby go to bed at night? Is it dangerous for the child to sleep late?

Modern urban life is always colorful, more and more people are sleeping late, some people are still in the middle of the night, still in bars and other recreational places to linger on, while others are in the early morning, still holding a mobile phone to play comfortably.

An adult who stays up late often causes sleep deprivation, and so does the child. If the child does not guarantee adequate sleep time, it may affect physical and mental health development. So what time does it go to bed at night?

What time does the baby go to bed at night? Is it dangerous for the child to sleep late?1

What time does the baby go to bed at night?

What time does it take for children to go to bed at night?

Children under the age of 4 tend to doze off at around 8 in the evening and don’t worry too much about their sleep problems. Children over the age of 4 usually go to bed at about 9, not later than 9:30, and get up after 7 in the morning. During summer or occasional holidays, nighttime sleeping time may be extended from 10 p. m. to 10:30 P. m.”.

Two, the child sleep late harm

1. reduce immunity

Sleep is to enhance the body’s immunity process, often lack of sleep will reduce the body’s immunity, which will lead to a variety of diseases, such as neurasthenia, myopia, loss of appetite and so on, but also easy to catch cold.

2. affect height growth

In addition to genetics, nutrition, exercise and other factors, the secretion of growth hormone and the child’s sleep time, quality and quantity have a certain relationship. But this is often overlooked by parents. Growth hormone in the guarantee of adequate sleep when the secretion of the most, sleep enough to help grow taller.

3., lead to psychological problems

The children lack of sleep Months and years pass by. prone to depression, irritability, anxiety, depression or loneliness, will seriously affect the normal psychological development.

4. affect creative thinking

This point has been mentioned earlier. Lack of sleep can cause children to become less focused, less memory and less mentally retarded.

Three, the child has the habit of going to bed late, what should I do?

1. ways to urge the children to go to bed early, first of all his life well

Adults are unable to push their children to bed early, for several reasons. There may be a full-time mother to take care of the children, a person at once, without a day’s rhythm of life may also be properly arranged; parents are working too late, waiting for parents to accompany children to sleep, wait until the results in the dead of night.

There may be parents have returned home from work at six or seven in the evening, cooked dinner, after dinner, time has passed the morning, go to bed until it is natural after ten things; there is work late parents cherish family time together, also delayed the child’s bedtime.

Good sleep strengthens brain function and develops an easy to relax trait that keeps children at their best. Parents have to develop good habits and go to bed early.

What time does the baby go to bed at night? Is it dangerous for the child to sleep late?2

What time does the baby go to bed at night?

2., not tired to sleep, but time to sleep

The liver has already started assimilation at three p. m. so it shouldn’t be too late for children to eat too much after three p.m. and dinner is easy, so that children can go to bed early.

Some parents think that as long as the children play tired, they will go to sleep, so do not urge children to develop a habit of regular sleep. The children play out, finally will of course be vacant and fell asleep, but it will usually go through a period of over excited or nervous, become vexatious.

Children’s good sleeping habits will not develop automatically and need adults to help them develop. When it’s time for bed, the child doesn’t want to sleep, and the adults need to use a little more thought to prepare a fixed bedtime ritual for them to become accustomed to.

For example, tell bedtime stories, to appease their emotions, so they do not need to make out to fall asleep, but to meet sleep, wake up the morning of the second day meeting. This is the child’s ideal model of work and rest.


What is the best food for female dysmenorrhea?

Female dysmenorrhea is also one of the most common problems. Dysmenorrhea is not a big event, but it can also affect women’s health. It can even affect life or pregnancy. Chinese doctors believe that dysmenorrhea in women is due to the dysfunction of Qi and blood or the deficiency of Qi and blood. The common clinical with qi stagnation and blood stasis, Hanning uterus, Qi and blood deficiency, damp heat syndrome.

Dysmenorrhea in patients with menstrual cramps before 3 ~ 5 days catering mainly to light yixiaohua. Eat easy to digest food, should not eat too full, especially should avoid eating cold food, because cold food can stimulate the uterus and oviduct contraction. So as to induce or aggravate dysmenorrhea. Menstrual cramps, you should avoid all cold and not easy to digest and excitant food, such as pepper, raw onions, raw garlic, pepper, liquor etc.. During this period, the patient can eat some sour food, such as sauerkraut, vinegar and so on. The sour food has the function of relieving pain.

In addition, dysmenorrhea patients should keep their bowels unobstructed before and after the disease. As far as possible, eat honey, bananas, celery, potatoes etc.. Constipation can cause dysmenorrhea and increase pain.

Some people think that the amount of dysmenorrhea patients drink wine can activate collaterals, dilate blood vessels, smooth muscle relaxation, the prevention and treatment of dysmenorrhea effect. If the amount of blood is not much, you can drink some wine in moderation, can alleviate symptoms, to some extent, can also play a therapeutic role. Wine has an exciting effect on the body because it contains ethanol. Emotional depression caused by dysmenorrhea properly drink Wine, can play a good role as emotion, Shugan Qi and Li,. In addition, Wine taste Xinganxingwen, symplectic energy dispersion can, on the cold dampness stagnation dysmenorrhea syndrome, can cold dampness, activating blood flow; temperature can make to slow, the Qi and blood deficiency due to dysmenorrhea, and can play Yang blood, relieving pain effect.

Dysmenorrhea patients with normal diet should be diversified, not a partial eclipse, should always eat something with the role of Qi and blood circulation of fruits and vegetables, such as shepherd’s purse, orchid root, coriander, carrot, orange, bergamot, ginger etc.. Weak body, lack of Qi and blood, should often eat Qi, blood, liver and kidney food, such as chickens, ducks, fish, eggs, milk, animal liver and kidney, fish, beans and other healthy food.

How do you calculate your menstrual cycle (accurate method)?

To understand how the menstrual cycle counts, we have to know what the menstrual cycle is I think it’s necessary for women to know that. The menstrual cycle is: the first day of menstrual period to the start date for the first day of the cycle, until the next menstrual a day before the arrival date, called a menstrual cycle, generally about 26-35 days.

How do you calculate your menstrual cycle? The correct calculation is from the first day of menstruation date, to the first day of the next menstruation, probably middle interval of 21 to 28 days, a monthly discharge of normal women of childbearing age ovarian mature eggs, eggs into the fallopian tube, usually can survive for 1 to 2 days, while the men’s sperm produced is continuous. Sperm usually remain active for 2 to 3 days in the female reproductive tract, and their ability to reach pregnancy is between 48 hours. For example, if women have sex between husband and wife within a certain period before and after ovulation, there is a possibility of pregnancy. This period is called ovulation”.

It’s very important to master this period, one hand can make the couple infertility due to missing female ovulation sexual life, can have a great possibility of pregnancy; also can make couples who do not want to get pregnant, in the absence of other contraceptive measures, Miss “ovulation” sexual life, to prevent pregnancy.

Medication method for pregnant women infected with fungal vaginitis

In order to avoid infection of newborns, pregnant women suffering from fungal vaginitis, should choose the fetus harmless drugs for local treatment, operation must pay attention to soft. Pregnant women during pregnancy, infection of mycotic vaginitis with what should be better, according to the survey, about 2/3 of pregnant women with mycotic vaginitis, mainly because pregnant women after vaginal hyperemia, secretion, vulva moist, is conducive to the growth of mold, so it is easy to suffer from fungal vaginitis. If you suffer from mild fungal vaginitis, there is no harm to pregnancy, but if it is a heavier vaginitis, then you should be cured before you get pregnant.

Pregnant women disease will appear vulva pruritus, pain symptoms, work and rest affect pregnant women, if not treated, the fetus is infected, the red spotted skin, yellow needle like spots on the umbilical cord, if the fetus from the vaginal delivery, there are 2 / 3 of the neonatal morbidity that thrush and red buttocks.

But pregnant women should pay attention to the difference between early and middle and late pregnancy. In early pregnancy, because the fetus is in an important period of organ formation, this drug is easy to have side effects, the experts do not advocate more patients use suppository and oral medicine, if patients with mild symptoms, it is best to choose some traditional Chinese medicine lotion to improve the symptoms of itching; if the infection is serious, can make vaginal scrub, then in vaginal suppository, but this process must be completed by nurses in Department of gynecology and obstetrics hospital, in order to avoid drug abuse bring adverse effects to the fetus. Drugs used in the middle and late stages are relatively safe and should be completely resolved at this time. Experts recommend oral medicine, suppository, lotion three.

Such as “Daktarin” bolt 1 / day, three days of continuous use, the price of twenty or thirty yuan, 50 yuan a “Kennety” bolt, usually with a can, then the best in a week after a consolidation effect. Oral “Mai Mi Nuo” suitable for pregnant women, relatively safe for the fetus, 70 yuan a box, but also oral a week, but the former should first consult a doctor. There are many varieties on the market at present. For pregnant women, the irrigation of the vulva is allowed, but the vaginal rinse is forbidden, which is very easy to affect the fetus.

Studies have found that women who drink hot milk and honey can relieve menstrual discomfort

Menstruation is a very unusual period for women, and many female friends have premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea. None of these problems, however, can help female friends lose weight. Lower abdominal pain, Yaoxisuanruan symptoms are often encountered in the female menstrual discomfort. If a woman drinks a cup of hot milk with honey every night before going to sleep, she can relieve or eliminate all sorts of discomforts.

Milk potassium can ease the mood, and can relieve pain, prevent infection, reduce blood volume; honey contains magnesium can calm the central nervous system, help eliminate the tension in the menstrual period, to alleviate the psychological pressure.

Medical experts have warned that women can also eat bananas during menstruation, which has the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea. Banana is rich in vitamin B6, and vitamin B6 has stable nerve function, not only can stabilize the menstrual women restless mood, but also helps to improve sleep, make people become full of go, and can relieve pain.

How does severe dysmenorrhoea do? What is the optimal treatment method of dysmenorrhoea?

Dysmenorrhea is also a common gynecological disease, many female friends have dysmenorrhea symptoms before birth. What about severe dysmenorrhea? What is the optimal treatment method of dysmenorrhoea? About dysmenorrhea treatment method, gynecology expert said:

The treatment of dysmenorrhea main food including chicken soup, Motherwort cream, Hosta, peony root, sharks, specific methods of food according to the guidance of a doctor.

2. What is the best treatment for dysmenorrhea? Medication, dysmenorrhea: taking vitamins, B vitamins can stabilize mood, help sleep, make women energetic, and can reduce abdominal pain and so on.

3, massage treatment of dysmenorrhea: women in the menstrual cycle 3 days before the night with his hands overlap, press palms to the lower abdomen midline, counterclockwise massage for 10 minutes, and from the lower abdomen to the navel back 30-50 times, can be effective in relieving pain.

Proper treatment of dysmenorrhea, 4 Chinese medicine experts, this is one of the treatment methods of many doctors suggested, on the basis of drug treatment, and then use traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

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Why shouldn’t unmarried women wear contraceptive rings?

Why shouldn’t unmarried women wear contraceptive rings? In fact, I can not say “no”, but only that unmarried women generally do not advocate Sheung wan! ~ because the intrauterine ring is deformed, distorted and abnormally positioned, it can be found on the wall of the uterus and can cause increased bleeding or dysmenorrhea. If the endometrium is very fragile, in the ring, the bacteria, the virus into the uterine cavity, or on the ring, do not pay attention to health, are likely to cause intrauterine infection, excessive bleeding, menstrual extension, dysmenorrhea. However, this rarely occurs in the regular hospital on the ring. If you really need to ring ~ ~ so Sheung Wan note in the following: 1, within a week to do heavy manual labor, and avoid the abdominal pressure within two weeks to avoid sexual life and bath. 2, keep the vulva clean, wash every day, frequently change underwear. 3. The first menstrual cycle and the third, sixth, twelfth months after the upper ring should be followed up by medical staff for 1-2 times a year. 4, after the ring can appear a small amount of vaginal bleeding, lumbar soreness, abdominal pain and so on, the light can not be treated, serious symptoms such as bleeding, more than menstrual volume should be promptly diagnosed and treated. In case of bad symptoms or pregnancy symptoms, you should go to the doctor’s office or the hospital for examination in time. 5, all kinds of rings have a certain service life, T copper ring for 8-10 years, the parent music for 5 years, including copper palace ring for more than 10 years. When your ring has reached its service life, you should change it under the guidance of a doctor or use other methods of contraception. Menses is clean within 3-7 days. 6, older women should be in the menstrual cycle for six months to one year with medical staff, timely removal of the ring.