What reason is menstruation quantity little what to eat to recuperate?

Women have many menstrual periods, and few people, no matter whether they have excessive menstruation or irregular menstruation, are abnormal. They are also called irregular menstruation. So, what is the reason that menstruation is little, menstruation is little, what should eat to recuperate? In fact, there are a lot of female menstruation, also secretly like, think that menstruation is good, do not bother; in fact, the female friends, you don’t think that menstruation is a good thing, because menstruation is for women’s health has brought great harm.

How does menstruation amount to little? Aiming at the serious influence increasingly high incidence of female health life, irregular menstruation and other diseases, gynecological experts take personalized treatment, due to illness and treatment, sick patients for irregular menstruation, give first menstruation treatment; due to other diseases caused by irregular menstruation, for disease treatment, at the same time pay attention to psychological counseling for patients and the fundamental treatment of the patient from physiology and psychology.

The integration of physical therapy and drug treatment, psychological counseling and other means to cause a variety of treatment causes female irregular menstruation, such as puberty and menopause endocrine disorders, amenorrhea, polycystic ovary, endometritis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, thyroid dysfunction and some other endocrine tumors caused by endocrine disorders, mental factors caused by endocrine disorders painless, irregular menstruation and postpartum menstruation, and the female body balance of yin and Yang, while treating irregular menstruation caused by complications, no longer let the female menstrual disorder, restore normal rules, it is important that cure of the irregular menstruation of other diseases cover, restore health.

What is the reason for low menstrual volume (expert answer)?

When it comes to menstruation, I’m afraid it’s not just women who know that most men know (especially married men). Menstruation is a “old friend” that a woman has to deal with every month, and must report it every month. However, the amount of menstrual volume is small, which varies from person to person, but it is worth mentioning that do not think that excessive menstrual volume is abnormal, in fact, too little menstrual volume is not normal oh. But what’s the reason for less menstruation? Take a look at what gynecological experts say!

In general, less blood, is due to low levels of estrogen caused. Estrogen can stimulate endometrial thickening, preparing for pregnancy. Nervous mood in the environment changed, temporary disorders are likely to lead to endocrine, the blood volume increase or decrease of less bleeding during menstruation.

Expert advice: malnutrition, heavy tasks and large amount of activity to consume more energy, the need to add adequate nutrition and calories, if the absorption of nutrients is not sufficient to meet the needs of the body, blood lose phenomenon, can also take Wujibaifeng pills.

What is the reason that menstruation is little? Does menstruation amount to be able to affect fertility?

What is the reason that menstruation is little? Does menstruation amount to be able to affect fertility? In fact, no matter menstruation is small or menstruation is much, the symptom that belongs to menstruation does not change, menstruation does not need to treat, otherwise affect female health. The amount of menstruation is about 60-80 ml.. If it is less than 30 ml, that is less, and if more than 80 ml is more than quantity, this is an abnormal performance, the need for timely diagnosis and treatment. So, what is the reason that menstruation is little?

For the reasons for the small amount of menstruation, special home is due to low estrogen levels caused by: more and gynecological diseases, drugs, many miscarriages and so on. In general, the amount of each period of not more than two bags (10 / bag), if more than three packets, and each piece is wet, it is menorrhagia; if every time a package are not used to, and every piece of the little blood belongs to menstruation, the two cases are abnormal.

1, foreign body remains in the vagina or uterus: foreign body remaining in the uterus can cause endometrial stimulation, so the menstrual disorder, and a contraceptive device, may want to consider the IUD removed, to see whether it will return to normal.

2, abnormal emotion: menstruation is the formation of endometrial secretion after stimulation of ovarian hormone, ovarian hormone secretion is affected by the pituitary and hypothalamic releasing hormone, so both ovaries, pituitary, hypothalamus or functional abnormalities, will affect menstruation.

3. Obesity: people who exceed their standard weight may have periods of uncertainty. The degree of menstrual loss was positively related to the degree of weight gain. An increase in weight can cause endocrine disorders in the body, affecting ovulation and menstruation.

4, hormonal imbalance: is the most common cause of uterine bleeding, especially in adolescent and menopausal women, because of hormonal imbalance caused by anovulatory bleeding, caused by early menopause or so fast, chaotic situation appear menstruation.

5, because of the hypothalamus pituitary dysfunction, sexual hormone reduction, or long-term use of contraceptives, endometrial hyperplasia is insufficient, and lead to too little menstruation.

6, uterine dysplasia, endometrial stimulation of ovarian hormone response decreased, or endometrial part of adhesions, but also can occur too little menstruation.

In addition, gynecological experts pointed out that women have fertility, mainly in the absence of a sound neuroendocrine system and sound reproductive organs, especially women’s ovaries are normal development. And the number of menstruation, not only depends on these physiological basis, but also with the psychological, external environment, habits and other factors are closely linked. Therefore, the number of menstruation and female reproductive capacity is not necessarily linked.

Causes of increased leucorrhea

There are two reasons for the increase of leucorrhea, one is infectious factors, the other is non infectious factors. Infectious factors are a common cause of increased leucorrhea. Infections such as bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, fungi, protozoa, viruses, or Leptospira can increase leucorrhea. The common clinical disease is Candida albicans vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia vaginitis, cervical erosion of cervix, cervical polyps, cervical inflammation etc.. Non infectious factors include: myoma of uterus, especially submucous myoma. Because palace cavity area becomes bigger, palace cavity discharge content increases, discharge with palace neck secretion, make leucorrhoea grow in quantity.

Another reason is that patients with uterine fibroids are often accompanied by high estrogen, estrogen can cause cervical secretions increase directly, and some of the role of ovulation promoting drugs can also increase leucorrhea.

What reason does cause accessory phlogistic to have?

The pathogeny of phlogistic accessory

1 sexual life and activities related to sexual life

Sexual life, as well as factors associated with sexual life, such as appliances, contraception, abortion, or childbirth, can cause the bacteria to invade and become infected. This is not the young girl married men, such as the use of IUD, and do not pay attention to personal hygiene, to bacterial invasion opened convenient ways; or having sex into the “red light”?? bacteria into the menstrual period sexual intercourse, childbirth, abortion; or decreased immunity, reproductive tract infection pathogens by uplink and spread to fallopian tube, ovary, and then hit the whole pelvic cavity; infection or gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases, pathogenic bacteria along the mucosa to spread, causing tubal, ovarian infection and inflammation.

2 stay seated for a long time

For a long time sitting and lack of activity, blood circulation, especially lower limbs blood vessels, leading to venous reflux obstruction, affecting the normal uterine discharge function of the uterus and inflammation.

3 always wear tight pants

Tight pants will make the genitals airtight, vaginal secretion accumulation, causing inflammation, and up and cause annex inflammation.

4 other diseases cause

The rest of the body potential foci of infection without timely treatment, the pathogen can be hematogenous and fled to the fallopian tube and ovary of crime, with tuberculosis infection is most common; or pelvic or fallopian tube adjacent organs inflammation, such as appendicitis, also can hit attachment, this kind of inflammation is usually limited to the adjacent side of the fallopian tubes and ovary; or pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea?? into the reproductive tract.

5 unscientific use of water

Water is the first perineum, and then anal cleaning. If the first wash anus washing perineum, anus of the bacteria into the vagina, or menstrual use bath, bacteria can also invade inside genital uplink.

Two causes of cervical hypertrophy

What is palace neck hypertrophy, in fact palace neck hypertrophy is a kind of chronic palace neck phlogistic. Inflammatory changes caused by infection of the cervical mucosa. Cause cervical hypertrophy pathogens have mycoplasma, chlamydia, bacteria, viruses, suggest you go to the hospital department of gynaecology do cervical secretion examination, according to the results of the examination, symptomatic treatment. If necessary, do cervical TCT examination, can rule out the early cervical cancer. Simple cervical hypertrophy will not affect pregnancy, but severe cervicitis can cause endometritis, tubal inflammation, fallopian tube adhesion, obstruction, leading to infertility.

Hypertrophy of cervix of the uterus sometimes can increase 2~4 times than normal palace neck, palace neck surface can be smooth, also can have debaucjed. Cervical texture is generally hard, which is caused by fibrous connective tissue hyperplasia. Palace neck hypertrophy does not need treatment commonly, if have debaucjed, can treat palace neck debaucjed.

Causes of cervical hypertrophy mainly include: (1) chronic inflammation, long-term stimulation, cervical congestion and edema, hyperplasia of cervical glands and stroma, resulting in different degrees of hypertrophy of the cervix. (2) in the deep part of the cervical gland, there may be mucous retention, forming a cyst of varying sizes, which makes the cervix hypertrophy.

Studies have found that women who drink hot milk and honey can relieve menstrual discomfort

Menstruation is a very unusual period for women, and many female friends have premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea. None of these problems, however, can help female friends lose weight. Lower abdominal pain, Yaoxisuanruan symptoms are often encountered in the female menstrual discomfort. If a woman drinks a cup of hot milk with honey every night before going to sleep, she can relieve or eliminate all sorts of discomforts.

Milk potassium can ease the mood, and can relieve pain, prevent infection, reduce blood volume; honey contains magnesium can calm the central nervous system, help eliminate the tension in the menstrual period, to alleviate the psychological pressure.

Medical experts have warned that women can also eat bananas during menstruation, which has the effect of relieving dysmenorrhea. Banana is rich in vitamin B6, and vitamin B6 has stable nerve function, not only can stabilize the menstrual women restless mood, but also helps to improve sleep, make people become full of go, and can relieve pain.