Four good woman period

A woman once every month “period”, is also the holiday we often say, of course, also called menstruation.

Can promote hematopoietic function

Menstrual body caused by frequent blood loss and blood, the female circulatory system and hematopoietic system has been a male not “exercise”, it makes women more able to withstand unexpected blow loss than men, can quickly produce new blood to make up the loss of blood. Practice has proved that men and women who have the same weight and health status lose the same proportion of blood by accident, so men can die, while women have the possibility of successful rescue and final rehabilitation.

The first sign of a woman’s pregnancy

Childbearing age married women, past menstrual rules, the menstrual period more than ten days or more, the future, first of all to consider whether pregnant. To determine the pregnancy after birth, not ready to take remedial measures as soon as possible; to family, will have to pay more attention to nutrition, avoid smoke, wine, pesticides, chemicals, radiation, avoid taking drugs can cause fetal malformation. According to menstruation can also predict the expected date of childbirth, health care during pregnancy and pregnancy are very useful psychological.

It can make people discover disease early

If the girl is over 18 years old still no menstrual cramps, or previous women had normal menstruation, menopause is more than three months (not including for pregnant and lactating, menopause), to check whether there is a lower genital tract atresia, congenital absence of the uterus or hypoplasia of uterus, ovarian tumor, pituitary tumor or dysfunction, endocrine or wasting disease. Besides, the change of time, volume and accompanying symptoms is an important clue to discover and diagnose many diseases.

Excessive iron damage can be avoided

There is a known genetic disease hemochromatosis, easy to cause the patients with iron metabolism disorders, the body will accumulate excess iron; iron overload will slowly lead to skin, heart, liver, pancreatic lesions, joint. One way to cure iron overload is to release a certain amount of blood at regular intervals. Organic damage caused by hemochromatosis is much less common in women than in men, and almost does not occur. The function of menstruation – periodic blood loss – is simply consuming excessive amounts of iron.


What are the causes of young people’s hair white? Smokers tend to have long hair

Hair has a decisive impact on personal image, hair frizz, dry will make people the image greatly reduced. Which is more than hair frizz worries is hair white, let a person look much bigger than the actual age.

Many young people now begin to have grey hair in their more than 20 or early 30. What is the reason for this? In fact, many of our daily habits affect hair health. If you don’t believe it, keep looking……

What are the causes of young people's hair white? Smokers tend to have long hair1

What are the causes of young people’s white hair?

I. smoking

You are a drug addict? Nicotine in cigarette smoke is the cause of the grey-haired murderer! Nicotine is inhaled body, cause vasoconstriction of blood flow variation. In addition, it can also promote baldness, wrinkles, dark circles and so on.

Two, uneven intake of nutrients

Modern people because of busy, often in a hurry to solve a meal, nutrient intake is seriously unbalanced. Melanocytes cannot produce melanin in the absence of nutrients and supply hair. It is recommended to eat more fish with high protein content and foods rich in vitamin E that promotes metabolism. In addition, seaweed also has good effect on activating melanocytes.

Three, deficiency of Qi and blood

Chinese medicine believes that one of the main causes of hair whitening is lack of Qi and blood. Hair is an important manifestation of Qi and blood in the body, hair black, dense, supple and bright, on behalf of adequate blood; and white hair, hair loss, hair drying, etc., are women’s lack of blood performance. Suggest usually eat red dates, longan, angelica and so on to help fill the blood food.

Four, lack of exercise

Lack of exercise leads to poor circulation and prevents the blood from being transported to all corners of the scalp, and the melanocytes do not function properly. You might as well get off at the front stop of the company and take a walk. Take 15 more minutes every day, rest, exercise, bones and muscles. You can easily have a black hair with a little habit!

Five, emotional instability

Mood changes can easily cause nerve dysfunction of the body, so the function of melanin secretion will also be impaired, affecting the synthesis and delivery of pigment particles, it will grow a lot of gray hair. In addition, tension, sadness and other negative emotions often lead to a series of rapid changes in the body, resulting in serious endocrine disorders, resulting in a short period of time white hair.

What are the causes of young people's hair white? Smokers tend to have long hair2

What are the causes of young people’s white hair?

Six, did not do head sunscreen

The head of long-term exposure to UV rays, melanoma cells are vulnerable to damage, not only made qualitative result, hair color will fade. Usually must make hair sunscreen, by wearing a hat or umbrella brace, ready to do protection work, to avoid ultraviolet.

Seven, cumulative pressure

When stressed, the muscles become tense and rigid, and the blood vessels contract to slow the flow of blood. Soak a warm bath before going to bed, relax, or watch an interesting movie, regularly spread unpleasant mood, do not let the pressure on their own pressure out of breath.

Eight, kidney deficiency

Chinese medicine believes that hair is more than blood, and published in the kidney, so that the kidney in the hair, when the kidneys do not pay (insomnia, neurasthenia), or congenital deficiency or excessive anxiety Haoshang blood, injury of kidney essence or feel alarmed when the hair will turn white. Therefore, in order to black hair fluttering, we must pay attention to maintaining the kidneys.

Which women are unsuitable for long-term oral contraceptives?

When you do not want children, you should choose the correct method of contraception, the general methods of contraception are intrauterine device, knot, oral contraceptives and so on. However, not all people are suitable for these methods of contraception, some people are suitable for intrauterine device, while some people put intrauterine device will be unwell. So, which groups are suitable for oral contraceptives?

Major disease patients

Because the hormone drugs should be metabolized in the liver, from the kidney to exclude, medication will increase the liver and kidney function burden, so acute, chronic hepatitis or nephritis patients are not suitable for use.

Patients with hematologic and endocrine diseases

The pill will make the blood coagulation function in hyperthyroidism, and increase the risk of thrombosis, can make blood sugar rise, affect thyroid function, so all kinds of blood disease, thrombotic diseases, endocrine diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism patients should avoid application.

Gynecologic cancer patients

Due to gynecological tumors, breast diseases are mostly hormone dependent diseases, taking contraceptives containing estrogen and progesterone can aggravate the condition, should be disabled.

Scanty menstruation

Birth control pills may reduce menstruation further.

Women over 45 years of age

In this period, the fluctuation of hormone levels is large, so contraception should not be used.

Lactating women

Contraceptives can inhibit the secretion of milk, and can affect the development of the newborn through the secretion of milk, so breast-feeding women can not use.

How long is the pregnancy period postponed

False delay long is pregnant? We are the most commonly used daily to determine whether pregnancy is false, also known as menstruation. General menstruation does not come when come, we can think of immediately and be pregnant with concerned. But although this period did not come with the possibility of pregnancy, but also can not be regarded as false is not pregnant. So how do we decide if we’re pregnant?. How much holiday delayed pregnancy?

Normally, if the period was delayed for ten days did not come, should consider the possibility of pregnancy, if not sure, is the best in the delayed menstruation time about ten days, buy a pregnancy test, to do a pregnancy test in the first morning urine, the basic ninety percent is accurate. If you’re pregnant, you’ll be able to tell at this point.

Will menstruation be pregnant?

Menstrual intercourse can be pregnant? Exactly after menstruation sexual life of husband and wife is not pregnant, but her menstrual period if it will bring harm to women’s health, it is easy to cause bacterial infection during menstrual period sexual life. During the menstrual period, the endometrium falls off to form a wound, and the mouth of the uterus is also slightly stretched. Moreover, due to the discharge of menstruation, the acidic environment in the vagina is diluted, and the vaginal self-cleaning capacity is weakened. At this point, sexual intercourse, the male genital organs will bring bacteria into the uterus, causing inflammation of the pelvic cavity, causing pain to the woman.

Some women will return a few days after the menstrual cycle, in this case more attention should be paid to avoid sexual intercourse pollution. In addition, we should also pay attention to menstruation, even if the use of condoms can not engage in sexual intercourse, because condoms can only prevent sperm into the vagina, but it can not prevent the bacteria into the vagina, so it is harmful

How to live a couple’s sexual life in the early, middle and late stages of pregnancy?

Sexual life in early pregnancy

The first 3 months of pregnancy, because the endocrine function of pregnant women have changed, the embryo is in the developmental stage, especially the connection of placental and maternal uterine wall at this time is not tight enough, if sexual life, probably because of improper actions or excessive excitement, so that the uterus was being shaken, let off, placental hemorrhage, cause abortion. Even if the sex life is very careful, but due to pelvic congestion, contraction of the uterus, but also prone to miscarriage.

The sexual life of husband and wife in the second trimester

In the second trimester (about 4 to 7 months), the placenta of pregnant women has been formed, the pregnancy is stable, and the response to early pregnancy has passed. At this point, the pregnant woman’s mood began to become more comfortable. Sexual organs are also increased secretions, sexual desire is relatively high period, so couples can enjoy sexual life properly. But still have to be modest, pay attention to the position and time of sexual life, to avoid the impact on the fetus.

At this point the placenta has amniotic fluid as a barrier, can buffer the external stimuli, so that the fetus has been effectively protected, reducing accidents. Dr. Lin Huiwen believes that sexual life during pregnancy should be based on emotional prenatal education, and that sexual life in the second trimester is also beneficial to conjugal love and the healthy development of the fetus. There are also domestic and foreign research pointed out that couples in pregnancy to the happy sex life, the children born fast response, language development early, and good health.

However, it is worth noting that pregnant women in this period of the amniotic membrane in the amniotic fluid volume increased, the tension of the fetal membranes gradually increased, at this time the most important thing is to maintain the stability of the uterus, protect the normal environment of the fetus. If the number of sexual life is too much, the force is relatively large, oppression of pregnant women abdominal, fetal membranes will be broken early. The umbilical cord may also fall from the breach to the vagina, or even outside the vagina. This will affect the fetus’s nutrition and oxygen delivery, and even cause death, or cause miscarriage. Even if the membrane is not broken, not abortion, may also make the sub bureaucratic infection. Severe infections can cause fetal death. Mild infections can also affect fetal intelligence and development.

Sexual life in the late pregnancy

After 8 months of pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly, the uterus significantly increased, pregnant women in the period of rapid expansion of the stomach, resulting in low back pain, the body is too lazy to move, sexual desire decreased. Dr. Lin Huiwen said, this time between husband and wife should be reduced as much as possible of life, if you want to have sex, you must control, and pay attention to posture, but also control the frequency and duration of life, action should not be rude and deeply, so as to avoid accidents.

Can I use cosmetics after pregnancy?

Some people say that women can not use cosmetics after pregnancy, and even skin care products can not be used. In the end, pregnant women can make-up it? In fact, you can use cosmetics, but try not to paint lipstick, you can use some good quality glycerin moist lips, nail polish, hair gel and the like, do not use. Leg cramps are calcium, suggest you drink bone soup, so you can not eat calcium calcium. You can make some cucumber slices at attaining a mask: 1. 2 skim milk + vitamin E foam compression mask 3 aloe water mask with compressed moisture. The above generally 15~20 minutes or so on it. Whitening hydrating